Parvati's Survivor Live Recap: 3 Things Lindsey Didn’t Say on Camera
Posted on Mar 28, 2014 11:35am

3 Things Lindsey Didn’t Say on Camera

Love her or hate her, Lindsey Ogle is one fiesty, dreadlocked, little mama. She came flying in hot to the Survivor Live studio with her fiancee, Dustin, in tow. Knowing she had some explaining to do about her Survivor exit, she promptly sat down in her chair ready for battle. I was intent on getting to know a little more about the many layers of Lindsey before the show began. Here’s my behind the scenes scoop for you.

1. She freaks in open water. Although Lindsey has a phobia of the ocean, she didn’t let her fear, or the weight of her watered-down dreads stop her from working it in Survivor’s swimming challenges.
2. She likes Phillip Sheppard’s moves. In order to stand out from the crowd in casting and spotlight her goofier side, Lindsey named Phillip as the former Federal Agent/Survivor contestant she would strive to emulate on the island. That pink underwear gets them everytime.
3. Hair today, hair tomorrow. Lindsey loves her work as a hair stylist. She once rescued a man’s dreadlocks by sewing them back onto his head after they had fallen off. That’s dread-ication! He thanked her with a carved, wooden lion accessory that now dangles prominently from one of her own long locks.

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