Parvati's Survivor Live Recap: How to be Adorable Like Alexis
Posted on Mar 28, 2014 11:55am

How to be Adorable Like Alexis

I have to admit, even I was charmed by Alexis Maxwell when we sat down together to chat about her Survivor Cagayan experience. She’s cute, bubbly and has the most enchanting, raspy, Chicago twang. She is the very essence of adorable. Read on to learn the four things you can do to become just as cute as Alexis.

1. Paint your nails sparkly-bubblegum-pink. Alexis paired her pretty pink nails with tight black pants and knee high boots, proving to us all that cute and hot are not mutually exclusive.
2. Flash your dimples. After her teary goodbye on Survivor Cagayan, I wasn’t sure if Alexis would be emotional for our interveiw. She was all smiles, showcasing her trademark dimples. (This one goes for the guys, too.) Hey, if it works for Jeff Probst, it works. Period.
3. Be cool, stay in school. Majoring in business and psychology, Alexis talked about how much studying she’s been doing at Northwestern University. She scores extra points for having brains to back up her beauty.
4. Love the ladies. Jeffra is Alexis’ pick to take it all, though she wouldn’t mind if Tasha slid into the finals, too. Surprisingly, the handsome horseman, LJ, didn’t make the cut.

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