Parvati's Survivor Live Recap with Sarah Lacina: How To Beat a Blindside
Posted on Apr 4, 2014 03:15pm

By Parvati Shallow

Here’s a winning formula for you: one incredible tribal council, plus two idols being flushed, equals one massive blindside. While I may not be on the Brains tribe, I can do simple Survivor math. Unfortunately, Survivor Cagayan’s recent castoff, Sarah Lacina, found herself on the losing side of the numbers this time. After sitting down to interview our blindsided castoff for Survivor Live, I learned a lot, including the fact that MMA fighters have feelings too.

Read on for some hard earned wisdom from Survivor Cagayan's first jury member.

1. It’s ok to cry. After leaving the game, Sarah says she felt a wave of release. Back at Ponderosa, she was finally able to let her guard down; it was an emotional moment for her.

2. Keep it classy. Just because Sarah wasn’t willing to swear on her badge, doesn’t mean she has to trash talk Tony for lying. During her interviews, Tony started up a social media smear campaign against Sarah. She chose to stay above the drama and not to get sucked into Tony’s crazed twitter rantings. You go, girl.

3. When in doubt, sweat it out. Once she was fed, showered and settled in at Ponderosa, Sarah says she couldn’t get her mind off the game. In order to organize her thoughts and calm her chaotic mind, she laced up her running shoes and did some jogging on the beach. She also shared that her desire to become a cop stemmed from her love of running. What’s the only profession that a person can be paid to chase people? The police force, of course!

4. Always have a Plan B. Even the best laid plans can go awry. Sarah was certain Tony didn’t have an immunity idol, until he pulled it out and put it around his neck at tribal council. Thankfully, her tribe had pre-arranged a backup plan to vote out Jefra so they were all still on the same page with their vote.

5. Be open to changing your tactics. Sarah hinted to me that should she be lucky enough to return to play Survivor once more, she may be a little more cunning next time.

"Would you still be dead-set on staying true to your badge?" I asked. After a pregnant pause, came her cryptic reply, "Well… I’m not so sure.”

I asked Sarah one last question about Kass after the cameras stopped rolling on Survivor Live. Watch her response below:

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