Survivor Cagayan Season 28 Episode 12: Interactive Recap
Posted on May 15, 2014 11:55am

We've hit the final five! It's all players for themselves. Who will make it to the finale?

Kass says that she'd rather go to the end with Tony since he has burned so many bridges. Spencer says that if he has any hope in the game, it's that he is playing with people who understand it so little!

Woo decided that he won't blindside Tony, and wants to sit with him at the end since they played the whole game together. Woo shares with Tony the plan that Kass and Spencer came up with last week! Tony says he doesn't want to take someone like Woo to the end because he might get votes!

The reward challenge today requires teams to cover their bodies with mud and scrape the mud off into the bucket! The person with the most mud wins reward-- they are playing for a pizza delivery at camp! How delicious.

Watch the reward challenge here:

Everyone is covered in mud! Tony wins reward and chooses Trish to eat pizza with him.Spencer thinks that everyone is handing Tony the game just like how he is getting pizza on a silver platter!

Kass wants to cause chaos at camp, and tells Woo about Tony's final 3 plan with her! Tony gets angry and says he is done with her. Kass wants to pull in Woo and Spencer against Tony and Trish. Woo says he is a close ally with Tony, but knows that Tony could blindside him!

In this bonus clip, Spencer is happy that Woo commits to vote with him.

Immunity is SO important today with cracks in the alliance and with Spencer trying to stay alive. It's a long challenge that requires a lot of focus! Watch it in full here:

Spencer wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the final four! Tony now says that his alliance will have to start turning on each other. Almost immediately, Trish and Kass have an argument at camp and Trish yells at Kass!

Trish gives her opinion of Kass in this secret scene:

Tony, Woo and Trish decide to get rid of Kass, but Woo still has doubts about Tony! Woo then went to Kass and Spencer and decide to get rid of Trish. Which way will Woo go?

Anything could happen at Tribal Council tonight! Tony pulls out his bag of tricks and shows his special idol along with his regular idol. It was another crazy tribal council!

Trish is voted out! See what happened when she arrived on Ponderosa when she realizes Tony cast a vote to eliminate her: