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7 Things We Learned From Val's Survivor Live Chat: The Inside Scoop

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 | 10:25am
Val didn't spare any details during her Survivor Live chat with Jeff Schroeder. Although she came onto her tribe late, she fought hard to stick around. Check out some of the highlights Val revealed about her Survivor experience.

1. Being the first castaway sent to Exile Island made Val have to play more aggressively than she wanted to.


2. She didn't feel safe at the first tribal council, which led to her strategy of saying she had two idols.


3. The tribes decided who they'd face in the immunity challenge. The only rule was pairs had to be the same gender.


4. In her battle with Natalie, Val kept elbowing her by accident and got disqualified.


5. Her immunity idol clue was different than John's.

6. She thinks Jeremy will be upset to see her eliminated, but will feel a sense of relief that he doesn't have to worry about her anymore.

7. She'd like to see Baylor voted out of Coyopa next.

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