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A Survivor War of the Words: The tribe has spoken. Sometimes when they probably shouldn’t have.

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 | 12:35pm

When John wooed women across America with his progressive thinking:

Yeah, he got beat. By a lot. 

When Drew took a moment to self-evaluate:

He should politely ask one of his teammates to get that dirt off his shoulder. 


When the Hunahpu Tribe tried to pull one over on Jeff:

You think Jeff is going to fall for a good ol’ bait-n-switch? Think again.


When Drew demonstrated good sportsmanship:

He may not be the sharpest spear in the Tribe, but he’s certainly the most supportive.


When Jon picked Drew to be his girlfriend’s savior on Exile Island.

You’ve got to admire his honesty.


When Natalie showed her emotional side.

For the first time in a decade.

When Jeremy was asked to describe his teammates:  

Sure Jon and Drew are a little goofy, but, hey, at least they’re nice to look at.


When Baylor’s pain ended in a big pay-off:

She may have busted her lip, but it was her mom’s winning spirit that was truly injured.


When Jeremy shared a pretty brilliant plan involving a not-so-brilliant Drew:

Looks like Jeremy’s ingenious plan involves a certain non-genius. 


When Jaclyn threw down the gauntlet of truth:

Jeez, Jaclyn, tell us how you really feel!

When Drew took a break from doing absolutely nothing to describe his worth:

Maybe the sun exposure is making him delusional. 


When Alec said what we were all thinking:

OK, maybe not the worst. But it would be really great if Coyopa could finally get on the scoreboard without the other tribe having to throw a challenge.


When Alec finally called Baylor out on her princess behavior:

A lesson all of our parents taught us when we were asked to clean our rooms.