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14 Things You Never Hear on Survivor: What Survivors Give Up for a Chance to Win a Million Dollars

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 | 02:10pm

You enter the games fighting, praying and surviving on the pure hopes that you'll hear Jeff say that you've won a million dollars. That would be music to anyone's ears, but have you ever considered what sounds you're giving up for the chance to hear that magical sentence?

1. Your alarm going off.

Who needs an alarm when your teammates will wake your lazy butt up with a palm frond when you should be working. You know? Like the rest of them.

2. “Your pumpkin spice latte is ready!”

The sentence every coffee enthusiast looks forward to every fall will never be heard on SURVIVOR. You can’t replace everything with beans. 

3. “What are you up to later?”

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There is literally nothing romantic about SURVIVOR. And you already know what I am up to later: trying to survive!                                                                                                

4. Your phone ringing.

You panic when your phone dies during a night out, you can’t even imagine what it’s like to be without one for 39 days!

5. The sweet sound of running water.

Just watching the show makes you appreciate hot showers. Oh, and running toilets. 

6. “Would you like fries with that?”

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More like: “Would you like beans with your beans?”                                                                                                      

7. The crisp sound of pages turning.

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Want to entertain yourself? Better start cloud watching because this island doesn’t come with a library. 

8. “Standard or express delivery?”

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Don’t expect a care package from mom, unless it’s by carrier pigeon. 

9. Cars honking.

You’ll get to listen to the blissful sounds of the waves crashing and birds flying, but you also can’t drive, so there’s that. 

10. “Hey, I think I’ll put a shirt on.”

Even the audience can feel the heat from the island.

11. “Mmmm… that smells good!”

Nothing on the show looks appetizing, so unless you love the smell of beans, you’ll never hear those words come out of a tribe member’s mouth.

12. “Man, I wish we had some down time.”

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Aside from the challenges, the tribes are responsible for their own entertainment. And by entertainment, we mean staying alive.

13. “Ma’am, what’s your emergency?”

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Not only do you not have access to a phone, you can say goodbye to emergency services. Hopefully the next challenge you’ll win band-aids. 

14. “Wanna get out of here?”

Sorry, but you ain’t going nowhere.