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8 Things We Discovered During Jon's Survivor Live: The Inside Scoop

Posted on Dec 11, 2014 | 03:00pm

Jon Misch became the twelfth person voted off the island in what was perhaps the biggest blindside of the season during last night's Survivor. Check out these highlights from his Survivor Live to find out who he credits for his elimination and who he thought would be sitting in the final three.

1. Jaclyn was originally approached to be on The Amazing Race with a friend but was going to go on with Jon as her partner. After that fell through, they were asked to be on Survivor instead.

2. He credits Natalie for his elimination.

3. Jon thinks he and Jaclyn were very approachable and good at maintaining relationships which is why there were consistently a swing vote.

4. He didn't realize Natalie and Jeremy were so close and if he had, he probably would have known she'd be gunning for him.

5. Jon originally thought Keith had masterminded the plan to get him out.

6. Jon believed he would be in the final three with Missy & Natalie after his alliance had a conversation where Jaclyn & Baylor agreed to give up their own games because they thought Jon & Missy could get more jury votes.

7. Despite his dad's illness, Jon's family was very supportive of him going on the show.

8. Jon & Jaclyn got engaged in October.