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10 Things We Learned From Natalie's Survivor Live: The Inside Scoop

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 | 11:45am

Natalie was officially crowned the Sole Survivor of Season 29 and yesterday she sat down to dish on the game that earned her a million dollars.  From her favorite competition to the hardest part of the experience, check out what you didn't know about the big winner.

1. The hardest part of the entire Survivor experience was being without Nadiya.

2. The women on the original Hunaphu tribe were really tight.

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3. Natalie would describe how she felt about blindsiding Baylor as ashamed but thinks Baylor "handled it like a 'G'."

4. She believes Nadiya's early elimination bought her sympathy with her tribe mates.

5. The first thing Natalie is doing with her winnings is taking her family on a trip to Vegas.

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6. She thought Jon played a good game until he began trusting her blindly.

7. Her favorite competition was the one with the "taco overload" as a reward.

8. She's considered the "evil twinnie" which worked to her benefit on Survivor but she thinks she would have done better than Nadiya regardless.

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9. Her decision to vote out Baylor was two-fold; she was closer with Missy and also know that the jury would be happy Baylor didn't make it any further in the game.

10. She's considering moving back to Sri Lanka and opening a Cross-Fit there with her winnings.

Watch the full length chat here.



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