New Cast, New Theme: Here’s Your First Look at Survivor’s 30th Season

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 | 09:00am

For 15 years, Survivor has engaged viewers and become a legend in reality TV, trailblazing the way for the genre. In its landmark 30th season, Survivor is changing it up yet again.
Eighteen brand-new castaways will compete to earn the title of Sole Survivor with an all-new twist. Castaways will be broken into three different tribes based on their occupations; White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar. Watch the 90-minute season premiere on Wednesday, February 25 at 8/7c.
This brand-new twist will pit castaways against each other based upon their career strengths and goals, and will question what qualities are important to bring into an unpredictable game.
The White Collar Masaya Tribe is known for making the rules. A corporate executive, a retail buyer and a marketing director will compete together.
The Escameca Tribe, made up of Blue Collar workers — including a postal worker, a hairdresser and a state trooper — are known to be rule-followers. Will they live up to the stereotype, or break out on their own?
The No Collar Nagarote Tribe is full of free-spirits who refuse to make or abide by rules. This unpredictable group may shake things up while marching to the beats of their own drummers.
Find out who will outwit, outlast, and outplay on the upcoming season of
Survivor: Worlds Apart.
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