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9 Times the Survivor 30 Premiere Proved We're In For A Surprising Season: 3 Tribes. 2 Immunity Idols. Only 1 Sole Survivor.

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 | 12:45pm
After 29 success Survivor seasons, you’d think that you’d seen it all. Survivor: Worlds Apart is a completely new twist on the beloved, and cut-throat, competition.

1. 3 separate tribes differentiated by their professions and socio-economic statuses.

Instead of two opposing Tribes, there are three Tribes, composed of six players, representing their professions. Naturally, each Tribe is the epitome of what you would expect. The Masaya Tribe, composed of white collar workers, started off by making fun of the Nagarote Tribe; the no collars.

The Escameca Tribe, the blue collars, immediately set to work at camp.

The Nagarote Tribe, the no collars, bonded exactly how you’d expect they would.

2. The game started immediately.
Each team picked two captains. Once everyone got to camp, the captains set off to another location where there were two options: either bring back a big bag of beans for your whole tribe or bring back a tiny bag of bean, but with the smaller bag comes a clue to the location of the idol. Both Nagarote and Escameca brought big bags of beans to their camps. Stereotypically, Masaya did not.

3. Romance issues started on Day 1.

It appears that, while to No Collar Tribe has great “vibes,” Vince is not vibing with Jenn’s attention to Joe.

4. Someone eats a scorpion.
Mike, a member of the Blue Collar Tribe, found a scorpion, cut its stinger off, and immediately popped it in his mouth.

… Sadly, it did not stay down for long.

5. A captain was picked based on a strange, empty promise.

Each team was responsible for picking a captain. After taking longer than any other Tribe to decide, the No Collars decided on Will, after he promised to hook the team up with some sandwiches.

6. Fires built within hours of arrival.

Both the Blue Collar and No Collar Tribes had fires built (without flint or any assistance) within two hours. The White Collars didn’t even attempt fire or shelter before Day 2.

7. A Tribe doing get-to-know-you activities instead of actually doing what they need to.

The Masaya Tribe chose to focus on white collar-style bonding exercises instead of getting real things, like building a shelter, done.

8. A coconut tribal dance.

We understand that hungry castaways would be excited at the prospect of a yummy coconut but really?

9. One of the strongest players was voted out first.

In the first Immunity Challenge, So Kim gained the Masaya Tribe a giant lead by completing the first portion quicker than anyone else. Shirin single-handedly lost the challenge, but not a single player on the White Collar Tribe wrote her name down.

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