This Year’s Survivor Winner Rode Momentum To Victory: Mike Holloway was never shy about where he comes from, and it served him well.

Posted on May 20, 2015 | 10:05pm
With the last votes cast, Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway and Will Sims II (all originally from different collar tribes) awaited their fates at the final Tribal Council, where host Jeff Probst read the results in front of their families, their friends, and a live studio audience.

After an exhausting 39-day battle, Mike Holloway–the 38-year-old Oil Driller from North Richland Hills, Texas–won Survivor: Worlds Apart, and the $1 million prize. Mike received four votes, and Carolyn and Will received one each.

Mike jumped to his feet with pure joy and sprinted over to Jeff to plant a smooch on his cheek. He then ran to his mother in the crowd for the ultimate mother-son embrace.

Jeff addressed the crowd saying, “And a blue-collar pulled it out by digging in and getting dirty!”

Jeff next talked to Mike about his cavalier attitude and aggressive approach in the game.

“Mike, your back was up against the wall,” he said. “Did that allow you to play more aggressively and looser?”

Mike admitted that he had nothing to lose and the only person he could really trust was himself. He kept to his blue collar mentality, and that’s what worked for him. Mike’s massive game move at the auction earlier in the game took everyone by surprise. Jeff asked, “Did you regret that move?”

Mike replied, “I regretted giving [Dan] my word and turning back on my word. From a game standpoint, the move was right.” He stated this was the one point in his Survivor experience where he stopped playing for two seconds.

Since the game, Mike and Dan have rekindled their friendship. Mike even flew up to Maine to hang out with Dan post-Survivor. Dan said, “ We’re more than good.”

Carolyn, the last lady standing, was surprised by how few votes she received at the final Tribal Council. “I’m very proud of how I played,” she said.

Fans of Joe have been approaching him since his time on the show, mainly female admirers who batted their eyelashes at him all season. Jeff even called him one of “the most popular of 30 seasons.” Joe said, “I’m feeling the love from family, friends, strangers on the street. More people want to pick me up now. It’s a role reversal.” Joe is, in fact, single.

After Jeff brought up Dan’s comments about Shirin in the season, Dan offered Shirin a sincere and very personal apology in front of America. “I care about you. I’m genuinely, truly sorry. That was a fault. I was wrong.”

Jeff ended, “Survivor forces you to think about the things you say and ways you behave.”

Jeff even made up Rodney’s “worst birthday” to him with an audience sing-a-long.

As with every season finale, Jeff revealed the who fans voted to be the full new cast of Survivor: Second Chance, and also gave a sneak peek into the next season.

Watch clip to see Mike's big Survivor moment!

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