These Four Little Words Led To Ciera Eastin’s Exit From Survivor: Game Changers Season 34's first cast-off reveals which castaway she blames for her exit and whether she'd ever return a fourth time or not.
Posted on Mar 9, 2017 02:00pm

In a season full of 20 returning Survivor game-changers ready to make their mark on the game (again!), no one could have predicted who the first cast-off would be.

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Three-time player Ciera Eastin seemed to be safe, flying under the radar during the Season 34 premiere episode, but when it came time for her tribe mates to cast their vote, it was her name that was called to leave Fiji and become this season's first game-changer to go.

Let's find out what the confident 27-year-old thought of her early departure from the game, as well as which four little words she believes sealed her fate.

Were you surprised to hear your name called at Tribal?

Ciera Eastin: No. When Hali said, "Loose loops sink ships," I pretty much knew it was going to be me.

Why do you think you were the first voted out?

Ciera: I still believe that they needed me out as such a big strategic and social threat. I obviously think that Malcolm was the one spearheading it. He said in pre-season interviews that I played the game very similar to him and that he wanted me gone.

Malcolm had a lot of people in his corner. Hali and Aubry were pretty much doing whatever Malcolm wanted them to do at that point [and] he had Caleb.

There was a conversation at the well and they were all talking about getting rid of Tony, and I made a comment after they asked, "If he has an Idol, what do we do?"

I said, "Well, we can always vote out his right-hand man, Caleb."

So, from my perspective, I think it was that comment they were referring to when they said, "Loose lips sink ships." I just think it was maybe that one comment.

What was it like being asked to be part of such a special season of Survivor?

Ciera: To get the phone call to come back was just incredible. It’s been literally life-changing.

To be on Survivor: Game Changers, the pressure is really really high, but, you know, that’s good for me. I’ve constantly grown from every season.

Even this season, being the first voted out is also a really big growing experience for me, personally, to not be too cocky or complacent.

Every season for me has been a true life lesson and has helped me grow.

Being also such a huge fan of the show, who do you think we should keep their eyes on this season?

Ciera: I’m rooting for Brad and I’m biased, obviously, because I played with him and we got along pretty well. I just think he can be a little underestimated because he didn’t make it that far last time.

People may be looking at this guy and wondering how is this guy a game changer, but, at the same time, Brad is so good and so smart.

Now that he has [his wife] Monica in his corner, kind of guiding him with his social game on how to handle situations, I’m definitely rooting for him to do well.

If you had gone further this season, were there any game-changing moves you would've wanted to play?

Ciera: I was super excited when I heard about the no re-vote twist. I definitely felt like, moving forward, that would have been something I would have taken full advantage of because, for me, that is huge.

People know that I’m willing to go to rocks, so they may have been less likely to mess with me. I think that that twist alone would have been an awesome advantage for me in the game.

Would you ever come back to play again or was this the final page of your Survivor journey?

Ciera: I hope it’s not my final page, but I definitely think I need a little break. I filmed three times in four years and I think I need some space to get my head right.

​I hope that I’m given the opportunity to come back and close this chapter with a solid win.

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