Posted on Apr 20, 2017 05:15pm
Ozzy Reveals His Biggest Regret On Survivor: Game Changers
Plus, the latest cast-off recalls Debbie's shocking advantage play on the epic two-parter.

In the back-to-back episode event of Survivor: Game Changers called "There's A New Sheriff In Town," the Maku Maku Tribe sent not one but two players packing, as Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth joined Hali Ford on the Survivor jury and Ponderosa.

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We recently caught up with Ozzy, who was sporting a very short haircut after his time on Game Changers. During our chat, the four-time castaway talked about his biggest regret, Debbie's advantage play at Tribal, and whether he misses his long, luscious curls.

First of all, did you have any idea that Debbie had a secret advantage to play at Tribal?

Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth: No, I didn't see that coming at all. It's funny, in hindsight, learning about all the different advantages that have never really surfaced before on Survivor, how the game changing nature of this season has brought about all these sorts of twists that we've never seen before.

So, at the time, I had no idea what was going on. As soon as Debbie brought that out of her bag, I knew that there was going to be trouble and I had a really bad, sinking feeling that it was going to be headed my way.

Why did you think it was headed your way? You mentioned it yourself and everyone knew: you were a primary source of food for these people. Why do you think they turned on you?

Ozzy: Because it was an opportunity. It could have potentially been the only opportunity to get me out of the game. So they had to take it where they could. It's unfortunate that that's how it went; it's just kind of bad luck, when it comes down to it, the way that it shook out.

But, you know, I don't blame them for it, because if I was them and I was a player that wasn't going to be able to win Immunity Challenges, of course you'd want to take out a threat that would potentially win lots of Immunity Challenges as soon as possible.

Do you think there was anything else you could have done to swing the votes in your favor and keep yourself safe another week?

Ozzy: I'm not sure if there's anything I could have done. The only thing I really could have done was spend more time talking with Brad, Sierra, maybe even Debbie, to try and keep them on my side. But it's so hard to look back on it, because I think that they were just looking out for themselves and their own Survivor lives.

What has it been like being one of the first people on the jury, with Hali?

Ozzy: It was long. [Laughs] It was really long. I mean, we were at like Day 24 and we had to make it to Day 39. So, I had a lot of time, a lot of introspection—I read a lot of books and did some fun stuff at Ponderosa. Those videos are going to be really cool.

Hali and I had a good time together, and you know, being in Fiji—you can't really be that bummed.

Right. [Laughs] Like a mini-vacation.

Ozzy: It really was! And I'm just so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to play again.

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What surprised you the most about your time on the show?

Ozzy: I think that the shocking thing was how difficult it was to find the Immunity Idols. I'm really surprised I wasn't able to find one. I spent a lot of time looking. And then all of the other twists. There were a lot of twists that came about that really changed the shape of the game.

So that combined with just the cutthroat nature. Obviously, whenever you play with returning players, there's almost no room for error because everybody's been through the wringer before; they know what to expect, they know how to manipulate people, and they know when to manipulate.

Whereas when you're playing with new players, sometimes you can rely on them to make foolish mistakes. When you play with veterans, it's just so different. It really leaves no room for error—and that's exactly what happened to me. I lost an Immunity Challenge and I should have really tried my hardest to stay in the game. I don't think I tried as hard as I could have.

You sort of touched on this already, but this was your fourth time playing Survivor. How did this time differ for you in terms of gameplay and strategy?

Ozzy: It was a lot more difficult. I mean, there's just nothing you can do to get rid of your reputation. Coming into my fourth time playing, I had a reputation, and I can't really do anything about that. I can't dumb down my performances in challenges; it's just not possible. So the only way that I could try to assuage that was to make the strongest alliances I possibly could.

You know, I thought I was doing a good job of that, but it turns out that—when you get down to that final, last leg of Survivor—it all becomes individual; anything goes.

What did you learn about yourself this time around?

Ozzy: I think that, again, really just enjoying the game and being grateful every single moment is the biggest lesson. Sometimes you just don't get the breaks that you need to make it further in the game and that's just kind of how it goes. You can be an amazing player, but sometimes you just have bad luck.

You can't really blame yourself too much. You can't take it too hard, but what you have to do when you go out and you play is you really need to embrace every possible moment.

I don't think that—my last couple hours on the beach—I don't think I played as hard as I possibly could have; that's my biggest regret. It also leaves me knowing that my future was in my hands and I think I probably could have stayed in the game if I'd tried a little harder.

You mentioned that a lot of this game is luck, which is totally true when you watch the show, but what advice would you give future castaways playing the game?

Ozzy: Just to be as aware as possible. It's so tough. I mean, it does come down to luck, but you've really just got to have those strong relationships. That's where it really comes in handy: being aware of who everybody's talking to.

You know, sometimes the game just comes down to the roll of the dice.

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Would you come back for a fifth go-round?

Ozzy: Oh, of course, yeah. I wouldn't say no to that.

Finally, our readers won't be able to see your short hair, but I have to ask: do you miss the long curls?

Ozzy: Oh, hell no. No, it's so nice [to have it cut]. I mean, having long hair is just like—it's insane. Just sleeping, swimming—when you're eating, it gets in your food. It's just so annoying. So, I'm happy; it feels good.

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