Katrina Stands Up For The "Mommy Squad" Following Her Early Survivor Elimination Plus, the first Season 35 castoff speaks the truth about her tribe and shares a favorite unaired memory.
Posted on Sep 28, 2017 04:15pm

During the season premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, which divided 18 castaways based on the traits they're best known for, it was anybody's guess who'd be the first castaway voted off the island in the season's first Tribal Council.

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Former Olympic swimmer Katrina Radke seemed to be flying under the radar during most of the Season 35 premiere, but when it came time for her tribemates to cast their vote, it came down to her and Chrissy, the two oldest people on the tribe.

Unfortunately, the vote did not swing in Katrina's favor.

Let's find out what the confident 46-year-old had to say about her early departure from the game, as well as her thoughts on the Super Idol Chrissy never played that could have kept Katrina in Fiji.

Why do you think you were the target during Week 1?

Katrina Radke: I think, well, I can be the oldest person on the show but I don't look at myself as old and I know I'm very capable of a lot of stuff and I ended up telling people on my tribe that I'm an Olympian... and, with all that said, I'm not your standard [older] woman who can't do anything and I'm also not the 20-year-old who's the bodybuilder.

In this show, it's very common for people to label and feel secure in positions from what they're doing.

I don't really know if the age thing makes a huge difference all the time… I know they called us the "Mommy Squad" or whatever, and to all the moms out there… we're awesome, man.

We do a lot to raise healthy, empowered kids to become great adults. There's a lot that goes into that that's very rewarding and powerful in terms of who we are... for Chrissy and me.

I think another big piece is really needing to have had time for people to see who you really are, beyond their own limited belief system around what they might see [initially].

Is there anything you think you could have done differently to have made it further in the game?

Katrina: [Laughing.] Well, we had to win the challenge.

It's kind of interesting… after that whole Alan thing happened on Day 2, I kind of had a feeling that things were not good.

So much shifts all the time that there was a chance things could shift [again], but I knew if we were going to Tribal, I was going home.

What were your first impressions of your tribemates?

Katrina: We had a lot of fun moments out there. There were a lot of great connections that took place that were unfortunately not seen.

You know, I had an amazing group of people I got to be with. With that being said, out of the 18 people, these people weren't my "go-to, I want to align with that person" people.

There were other people I was interested in working with.

How surprised were you to learn of Chrissy's Super Idol advantage that she could have used to save you?

Katrina: It's funny, I didn't know of the Super Idol at the time. I learned about it after the fact.

Based on my relationship with Chrissy and how much I love her (I did try to work with her), in these shows, it's better for the older competitors to work together because usually the ones who win this game are over 40, and it's usually when they have other older people around.

So, I really wanted to align with her off that, but I also knew that she was afraid of being the first one to go and, [laughing] I don't think she wanted me around.

We ended up having a nice conversation, but you still have those gut feelings of what you want for yourself.

So, because of that, things keep shifting as time goes on and unfortunately, we lost that challenge and only had three days. You don't really get to know each other that well.

Who do you think has what it takes to go far this season?

Katrina: You know what's funny about Survivor? I think casting does a phenomenal job getting people on the show that could all potentially win.

I think for somebody to even have the guts to go out there and potentially be in the game for 39 days in beautiful Fiji is saying a lot.

You have to have some sense of like, "I'm a go-getter." I don't think just one person could win.

I thought I could win. I really, really did. I think if I could go back, I could win.

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What surprised you most about your Survivor experience?

Katrina: That I didn't even have this fear that I would be getting out. It is a game and things just didn't happen [for me].

It honestly wasn't even something on my radar, but I feel like because of it, it was a gift.

It was a wonderful experience for me.

I really was hoping to be more connected to other people with light and love and that sort of stuff, instead of the darkness, if you will, and so it was nice to be able to feel that from the people I ended up spending time with for the next couple of weeks [after my elimination].

Do you have a standout Survivor memory, maybe one we didn't get to see on TV?

Katrina: I will never forget the beauty of Fiji. And, the people. Their hearts are just so beautiful.

Spending Easter with them was one of the highlights of my trip. You know how they have those Reward Challenges where castaways get to meet the natives? I feel like I got that.

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