Patrick's Blind Trust In His Tribemates Ends His Survivor Game With An Epic Blindside Survivor's always been known for its shocking blindsides, so go ahead and add this latest one to the long list.
Posted on Oct 12, 2017 11:45am

Is being too trusting a bad thing?

One Survivor cast-off may have just learned the answer the hard way.

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On the latest episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, 24-year-old Hustler tribe member Patrick headed to Tribal Council with a whole lot of confidence that his closet allies, Ryan, Devon, and Ali, wouldn't scribble his name down.

That's why the news of his exit came as a total surprise.

Leading up to Tribal, Patrick knew he had let some of his tribemates down when he choked at the Immunity Challenge, and he was worried that his crew might vote based on that one element.

That's why prior to Tribal, Patrick approached Lauren to try and clear the air, explaining the sand bag incident all happened because of an adrenaline rush.

She wasn't buying it, though.

"You approached me with a smile which was very obvious," Lauren said.

"I said, obviously I know you're voting for me tonight and he just sat there and grinned. You're trying to comfort me but I've never believed a redhead a day in my life. And Jeff, I will say that tonight, one of us is going to be blindsided."

"You're right," Patrick responded.

Patrick continued to fight for his safety, saying, "I always welcome criticism because I'm not a perfect person. I know I have difficulties in growing like everyone else. Hearing Ali say that I'm not necessarily a good social player and hear Lauren saying that I'm not listening to the team while we're going through challenges. It is a wake up call to me."

Unfortunately, Patrick's plea to stay wasn't enough, because the tribe chose to keep Lauren on board as they headed deeper into the game and toward the merge.

Patrick could only mutter a few short words on his way out: "You guys are awful."

Just another blindside for the books...

WATCH: Patrick's Blind Trust In His Tribemates Ends His Survivor Game With An Epic Blindside

Did the Hustlers make the right decision in sending Patrick home over Lauren?

And, was this the rebirth they needed to keep going?

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