Cole's Collapse Has His Survivor Tribe Admitting Their True Feelings About Him

When one castaway falls, the rest of the tribe wonders what it means for their own games.
Posted on Nov 2, 2017 | 10:15am
The Yawa Tribe had a lot to say during the latest Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers when 24-year-old Cole Medders unexpectedly passed out at camp due to a lack of food.

Tribemates and health professionals Mike and Jess immediately ran to Cole's side to offer the confused castaway their full attention—and enough food and fluid to strengthen him.

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"What happened?" asked Cole, looking up at Mike.

"Just lay down. Keep your legs up," said Mike.

"What... just... happened?" Cole asked again.

"You just passed out," Jess replied.

As Mike cared for Cole, Jess ran off to cook rice for him.

"I just stood up too fast," Cole explained to Jess, when she brought food over.

"No you didn't. You are depleted, that's what you are..."

Off-camera, Jess explained how bad she felt for her Survivor BFF and how in that moment, she realized just how much she cared for Cole, adding, "I’m not ready to play this game without Cole."

However, on the other end, Mike saw Cole's collapse as more of a liability, saying, "We're just going to have to keep pulling and pulling him along... we need to get rid of Cole."

Even Ben had something to say: "He knew he was coming on Survivor. He should have worried more about his appetite than his six-pack and packed on a few pounds."

WATCH: Cole's Collapse Has His Survivor Tribe Admitting Their True Feelings About Him

How did the rest of the Yawa Tribe react to what happened?

And, did Cole seal his Survivor fate the second he fainted?

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