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Survivor: Ghost Island's Desiree Thinks Laurel Made The Wrong Moves

The latest cast-off talks damage control, what went wrong, and why Laurel shouldn't have sided with Domenick.
Posted on Apr 26, 2018 | 02:40pm

Desiree Afuye had a plan for her time on Survivor: Ghost Island, but as the saying goes, even the best laid plans often go awry. 

That's what happened when the tribe returned to camp after the Immunity Challenge, and Desiree found that the game had blown up in her face thanks to the game of he said/she said that turned her allies against her.

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Despite an attempt at damage control, Des soon became the third member of the Jury as her torch was snuffed. 

We caught up with the latest cast-off about what went wrong, what she learned, and what she could've done differently. 

It seemed like you were gunning for Kellyn leading into Tribal, which is something we haven't really seen anyone else do in this game. Why do you think no one was really catching onto her gameplay?

Desiree Afuye: I don't think that no one was catching onto her gameplay, I think the people that did, didn't have the power. That was Michael, that was Jenna, Donathan.

It was those people, but I think Dom, Wendell, and all of them were working with her so that's not somebody they wanted to out. It's not somebody they would be gunning for or be willing to get out. 

Everything kind of blew up at camp before Tribal, with your word against Laurel's. What exactly happened after that Immunity Challenge?

Desiree: After the Immunity Challenge, I was just trying to do damage control. I was trying to do a whole lot of, "I didn't say that! I never said that! That was never in my imagination, that was never in my plans!"

So it was a whole lot of damage control for me. If there was anywhere I could go back, it would be there. Because I would probably try to go back to Laurel and convince her that we still need to go along with the plan and convince everybody else that we could still go along and get Kellyn out. Or Dom. Or Wendell. 

How did you feel about the Tribal Council watching it back last night? Did you feel you did everything you could have in that moment?

Desiree: I definitely think I did everything I could have aside from bringing up the plan. I was too scared to tell everyone to go along with what our original plan was.

I don't think that I tried to convince them to go with the plan and I think that's what I should've done during Tribal. 

You mentioned in your final thoughts after Tribal that "you had plans" in the game. Can you tell me a little about what those would've been?

Desiree: If we got Kellyn out of the game, then the next targets would've been the guys. Michael had an Idol and was a good, strong, and competitive player. So was Dom, and so was Wendell. They found Idols. They're competitive players.

They would be the obvious picks to be voted out because their game is so good, you don't want to sit next to them.

If they were gone, the final three or final four would've looked something like me, Laurel, Angela, and Jenna, or me, Angela, Chelsea, and Donathan. Something like that.

I think that would leave everybody kind of on an even playing field on who would win the game.

You mentioned a couple of things earlier about last night's episode that you would've done differently. Is there anything from earlier in the game that you'd do do differently if you could do it all over again?

Desiree: Not that much earlier in the game. I liked the game that I had up until the point where Libby went home. I think maybe that could've turned things around if Libby was still there.

That could've been the vote that I needed aside from Laurel's. I knew about the thing between Laurel and Dom, but I just trusted that Laurel would probably make the move to go with me because it sounded like a better plan for her. 

What would you say you learned about yourself during your time on Survivor?

Desiree: I would say that I learned that I need to smile a whole lot more. [Laughs] But aside from that, I would say that you never really know what somebody is thinking.

You shouldn't always assume that people are going to do what you think is best, even though I genuinely feel that my plan was best for not only myself but for Laurel.

Even though she had ties to Dom, I kind of felt like, "This is still the best situation for you. Siding with Dom sucks for you."

I wish I had known that in the game but that's something I learned afterward. 

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