​Congratulations To The Winner Of Survivor: Ghost Island

Find out which castaway took home the coveted title of Sole Survivor—not to mention $1 million.
Posted on May 23, 2018 | 10:15pm

Survivor: Ghost Island was all about reversing the curse; taking the mistakes of castaways past and trying to turn them into advantages on the road to $1 million. 

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Not every castaway was able to escape the curse, and at the end of the journey, only three remained to plead their cases to the Jury. 

The final three castaways—Domenick, Wendell, and Laurel—were part of an unprecedented Survivor scenario when Dom and Wendell became deadlocked, leaving a stressful tie-breaking $1 million dollar decision with Laurel. 

So who did she choose?

Laurel ultimately went with the 33-year-old furniture company owner, Wendell Holland. Congrats, Wendell!

It was an incredibly tight race for Sole Survivor, but ultimately Wendell's ability to play a social game where he was shielded by Dom for a majority of the season seems to have paid off in the long run.

Wendell survived 39 days and managed to be on the winning side of 13 challenges, weather the storm of multiple tribe swaps, and even opted to give up a visit with his father to go to the dreaded Ghost Island in hopes of winning an advantage in the game. Looks like it all paid off!

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