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Survivor Season 38: Edge Of Extinction Episode Recaps: The Castaways Endure A Wild Double Tribal

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Posted on Mar 21, 2019 | 10:20am
In Survivor: Edge of Extinction, 18 castaways are trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another in order to claim a $1 million prize, not to mention the coveted title of Sole Survivor!

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This season has a pretty wild twist that's sure to send the castaways into a frenzy, so we're tracking all of the major happenings in this one-stop recap. After each episode, you'll be able to find all the updates you need to stay up to date on Edge of Extinction.

But you know what that means—there are spoilers within! Survivors ready?

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Episode 5 / Voted Off: Aubry and Wendy

Rick arrived at the Edge of Extinction. 

The three Tribes went immediately to a Reward Challenge, where they were playing for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. Kama finished first, and Manu finished second. Lesu wallowed in another defeat. 

Joe spent a lot of time trying to provide for his Tribemates on Kama to make them comfortable with keeping him around despite being a returnee. 

The rest of the Tribe debated whether to take him out before the Merge. Ron was in favor of keeping him around purely for his contributions to camp and help in challenges. 

At Manu, the Tribe enjoyed their PB&Js. Aubry was eager to play the game and make a big move while the rest of the Tribe was busy being best friends. Meanwhile, the Tribe plotted against her.

At Lesu, David went on the hunt for an Immunity Idol and his Tribemates discussed voting him out. Wardog proposed an alliance with Kelley. 

At the Edge of Extinction, Chris found a crate buried on the island. Inside the crate was a note for each castaway, which contained a riddle on a map that Rick quickly figured out pointed to specific trees. 

The group decided they would all go to the location together, but Keith ditched them and went by himself. The rest of the group caught up with him and beat him there, Chris finding three bamboo rods tied together with a note that read "practice" and Rick finding a Secret Advantage that allowed him to give an anonymous extra vote to someone that goes to Tribal Council. 

At the Immunity Challenge, Lesu struggled once more, falling way behind. Kama finished the challenge first, but Lesu staged an incredible comeback and came in second, sending Manu to Tribal Council. 

Aubry talked to Victoria and Wendy about potentially taking out one of the guys at Tribal, but Wendy couldn't make up her mind which made Aubry suspicious. 

When Aubry went to get her Idol to prepare for Tribal, she discovered that she received an anonymous Secret Advantage for an extra vote--the same one that Rick found at Edge of Extinction. 

At Tribal, Aubry was blindsided and voted out. After she left, she chose to go to the Edge of Extinction. 

The episode continued with the next Reward Challenge, where the three Tribes competed for coffee, tea, and pastries. Kama came in first, Manu second. Lesu reeled from yet another loss. 

At camp, Kama dug into their rewards. Joe continued to feel paranoid about the target on his back

Lesu struggled with their consistent losses, Lauren in particular feeling depleted. David tried to catch a fish. Wardog tried to rally the rest of the Tribe against Lauren, but Kelley and David weren't biting.

The Edge of Extinction castaways got new maps, which led to Keith finding a Secret Advantage to hinder someone's game. Reem was annoyed that she technically found the Advantage but Keith swiped it. When Chris called her out on it, Reem flipped out. 

At the second Immunity Challenge, Jeff revealed that there'd be only one Immunity Idol up for grabs despite there being three Tribes. Once again, Kama won, which meant Lesu and Mana would go to Tribal together.

Manu pondered trying to force a rock draw at the combined Tribal. Lesu tried to talk strategy but Wardog hogged the conversation. They began looking for an Idol as a Tribe, which Kelley found.

Tribal got heated as the castaways started whispering and butting heads. Jeff read the votes, and it was tied between Lauren and Wendy, forcing a revote.

After some more discussion, the castaways revoted. In the revote, Wendy was voted off. However, she chose to go to the Edge of Extinction. 

Episode 4 / Voted Off: Rick
Chris arrived at the Edge of Extinction and said he felt like he was betrayed, but Keith and Reem weren't sympathetic. 

At Manu, Wendy put back the flint she stole and thought she got away with it, but Kelley easily guessed that it was her. 

At a meeting with Jeff, Kama was shocked to see that Chris was voted out of Manu. Jeff used this as an opportunity to utter the dreaded "Drop your buffs!" and revealed that there would now be three Tribes

Everybody wound up with the same Tribemates except for Wendy. The new Tribe, Lesu, was comprised of five former Manu. New alliances started forming as the new Tribes went back to their camps. Ron and Julia searched Joe's stuff to see if he had an Idol, but they didn't find anything. 

Lauren struggled to adapt to the physical and emotional hardships of being on Survivor

Wendy gave her new Tribemates the tour of the Manu camp, as well as a full breakdown of everything that happened with her previous Tribe. When her new Tribemates were determined to kill the chickens, she decided to let them loose. The Manu Tribe was clearly onto Wendy's "master plan" of letting the chickens go. 

Meanwhile, at the Edge of Extinction, the cast-offs tried to stay dry during a downpour. Chris struggled with his blindside, not to mention being shunned by Keith and Reem. But then Chris caught some fish and they changed their tune. 

At the Immunity Challenge, two Idols were up for grabs. Lesu lost the challenge, sending them to Tribal Council.

At Tribal, Lesu admitted their shortcomings as a Tribe. Kelley got emotional, citing how she was sad that the close bond between her Tribemates was going to have to be broken up. When Jeff read the votes, it was tied between Lauren and Rick. Ultimately, Rick was voted out

When confronted with the choice to go to Edge of Extinction, Rick chose to go.

Episode 3 / Voted Off: Chris
Keith chose to go to the Edge of Extinction, where he was greeted by Reem. In the morning, they found maps in a bottle. The scoured the island looking for a set of steps, which led them to a small basket of rice.

At the Reward Challenge, the Tribes competed for a choice between pillows or chickens. Manu won the challenge—their first win of the season—and chose to take the chickens.

Wendy suffered an injury during the challenge and realized that her ankle was swollen. She also struggled to deal with the fact that her Tribemates wanted to kill the chickens.

Kama continued to conspire against the returning players, but Joe overheard Victoria and Ron talking about it. Aubry was desperate to find an Immunity Idol, which she had never done, and finally did.

Back at Manu, Wendy continued to argue with the Tribe about not killing the chickens, which coupled with her injury, put a target on her back.

At the Immunity Challenge, Kama won by a hair. Back at Manu's camp, Wendy swiped the flint to prevent the Tribe from cooking—and therefore killing—a chicken. David and Rick tried to sway Wendy into voting Kelley out.

At Tribal, things got heated about the social complexities of a Tribe that has continually lost. When Jeff counted the votes, Chris was revealed to be the third person voted out.

After leaving Tribal Council, Chris opted to go to the Edge of Extinction.

Episode 2 / Voted Off: Keith
At the Edge of Extinction, Reem tried to figure out what to expect. From what she could tell, she was simply stranded indefinitely. A note told her that if she wanted to quit, she just had to raise a sail and a boat would pick her up.

At Manu, Wendy tried to campaign against Kelley, getting Keith, Rick, and David on her side. Meanwhile, Wardog and Kelley were rallying against Wendy. Rick and David aligned closely.

Meanwhile, Kama bonded by creating a cheer dance. Despite the fun times, the tribe started to become suspicious of Aubry and her relationship management.

Both Tribes went hunting for Idols, but it was Lauren who actually found one.

The Immunity and Reward Challenges were combined, and the reward options were either spices or a fishing kit, which Kama won, their second victory in a row. They chose to take the fishing gear.

Before Tribal Council Wardog started throwing out Keith's name as a possibility, blaming him for their loss. Kelley, however, was confused by this because she didn't consider Keith a threat. David, meanwhile, tried to rally a vote for Kelley.

Kelley was onto them and concerned that she'd get blindsided at Tribal. As it turned out, this was not the case—Keith was the second person voted out this season.

Keith left Tribal Council and reached the signpost asking if he wanted to go to the Edge of Extinction. Roll credits!

Episode 1 / Voted Off: Reem
Host Jeff Probst welcomed the new castaways to the game and revealed that four Survivor returnees would be joining them: Joe Anglim, Kelley Wentworth, Aubry Bracco, and David Wright. The marooning began, with the Kama and Manu tribes gathering all of the supplies they could.

The two tribes got to know each other and the returnees were concerned about having early targets on their backs.

Wendy revealed that she has Tourette's syndrome and mild OCD. Julie struggled to get into survival mode. Kama had a strong start at camp with plenty of supplies and fire.

Ron used the Secret Advantage he found during the marooning and followed the clue to a "Secret Advantage Menu," which let him choose from a variety of advantages that are valid until after the third Tribal Council.

The castaways discussed their theories on what "Edge of Extinction" actually means for the game.

Eric made it clear to Gavin that he didn't want to rely on the returnees to show them the way of Survivor. Keith and Reem bonded, and then Wendy joined Reem to teach Keith how to swim.

In the Immunity/Reward Challenge, Kama took home the first Immunity Idol of the season—and a piece of flint to help with fire.

Manu started the pre-Tribal ritual of solidifying alliances and gathering votes. Tribal Council was heated, with Reem speaking out about her annoyance that her name was thrown around to be voted out because she was too "motherly." In the end, Manu did indeed vote for Reem to go.

But as she made her exit, Reem was confronted with a choice: end her journey and go home, or pick up her torch, get on a boat, and head to the Edge of Extinction. She chose to stay in the game.

When she arrived, she found herself alone on a desolate island.

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