Behind the Scenes: Live Tweeting with Jeff Probst

Check out photos of Jeff Probst as he live tweeted the season premiere of Survivor: Cagayan!


1. Buffs!

Jeff showcases the buffs he gave away during his live tweet!
More buffs!

2. More buffs!

Jeff Probst gave away buffs during his season premiere live tweet.
We're Trending!

3. We're Trending!

Jeff Probst responds to Survivor trending nationwide!
Live Tweeting

4. Live Tweeting

Jeff Probst live tweets with fans.

5. Cheers!

Cheers to the Survivor premiere!
Ready to go

6. Ready to go

Jeff Probst gets ready to live tweet with fans!
Tweeting with fans

7. Tweeting with fans

Jeff Probst interacts with fans during the season premiere of Survivor: Cagayan.
Reaction shot!

8. Reaction shot!

Jeff Probst reacts to the end of the season premiere of Survivor: Cagayan!