Survivor Cagayan Unexpected Moments So Far!

Relive some of the most memorable moments so far from Survivor: Cagayan!

Double Immunity Idol

1. Double Immunity Idol

In Head of the Snake, LJ uses his immunity idol to cover Tony, after Tony uses it to cover him! Two immunity idols used in tribal leads to Sarah's elimination blindside.
Tribal Merge Coming

2. Tribal Merge Coming

The Aparri tribe learns that a tribal merge is coming in the episode Head of the Snake!
Shocked responses

3. Shocked responses

The Aparri tribe responds to leaning that Cliff has been voted out, and Lindsey left the game in We Found Our Zombies.
Lindsey's surprising exit

4. Lindsey's surprising exit

In a Survivor first, Lindsey decides to remove herself from the game after she gets into a verbal altercation with Trish in We Found Our Zombies.
Alexis voted out

5. Alexis voted out

In a blindside, Alexis is voted out of Survivor: Cagayan in We Found Our Zombies.
Cliff is ousted

6. Cliff is ousted

Cliff addresses his fellow castaways after he was eliminated from Survivor: Cagayan in Odd One Out.
Cliff and Sarah

7. Cliff and Sarah

Tony successfully turns Sarah against Cliff in hopes to shake up the game in Our Time to Shine.
Celebrating a win

8. Celebrating a win

The Brains Tribe celebrate their first win of the game in Cops-R-Us.
Bad weather

9. Bad weather

Bad weather ravages the Beauty Tribe's camp in Cops-R-Us.
Brains Tribe blowout

10. Brains Tribe blowout

The Brains Tribe have an argument, and J'Tia makes a drastic decision to then dump most of their rice in the fire in Hot Girl With A Grudge.
Alexis, Trish and Garrett

11. Alexis, Trish and Garrett

In a surprising twist, Morgan, Trish and Garrett are all deemed the weakest of their tribe, and have to make a choice when they arrive at camp in Hot Girl With A Grudge.
LJ Voted Out

12. LJ Voted Out

Tony's master plan pulls through as LJ is blindsided in Bag of Tricks.