Survivor Quote Collectible Cards

Browse through some of the best Survivor moments of the season!


1. Kass

Kass made this statement while she was still on the Brains Tribe. Do you agree with her?
The Beauty Tribe

2. The Beauty Tribe

The Beauty Tribe lost their first immunity and had to go to tribal council, which ultimately sent Brice home.
The Brains Tribe

3. The Brains Tribe

The Brains Tribe went from four members to three when they voted out J'Tia.
Tasha, Kass and Spencer

4. Tasha, Kass and Spencer

The tribal swap was great for the former Brains Tribe-- they were able to stick together and help control their new tribe.
New Tribe

5. New Tribe

The new Solana tribe comes together after the tribe swap!
Aparri Tribe

6. Aparri Tribe

The new Aparri tribe forms, leaving Sarah the odd person out!
New alliances

7. New alliances

The Solana Tribe wants to stick together....but for how long? And is there a place for Sarah?

8. Sarah

Sarah speaks her mind at Tribal Council, where she ultimately went home.
Solarrian Tribe

9. Solarrian Tribe

Morgan went home after she was accused of not helping out enough at camp.

10. Tony

Tony's decision to blindside LJ worked!