19 Worst Survivor Vote Misspellings

Throughout 32 seasons of Survivor, there's been many tribal council misspellings. Relive some of the most memorable ones!

It's Shirin, not

It's Shirin, not "Shareen"

Rodney from Survivor: Worlds Apart cast his vote for Shirin on Season 30, Episode 10.
It's Ciera, not

It's Ciera, not "Ciara"

Rodney from Survivor: Worlds Apart cast his vote for Sierra on Season 30, Episode 4.
It's Carolyn, not

It's Carolyn, not "Cherilyn"

Joaquin from the White Collar tribe cast his vote for Carolyn on Season 30, Episode 1.
It's Phil, not

It's Phil, not "Phile"

Ralph from Redemption Island cast his vote for Phil on Season 22, Episode 14.
It's Skupin, not

It's Skupin, not "Skoopin"

In the Season 25 finale, Carter voted for Michael Skupin to win the $1 million.
It's Sonja, not

It's Sonja, not "Souna"

On the very first episode of Survivor to ever air, Sue cast her vote for Sonja.
It's Stephanie, not

It's Stephanie, not "Stifinie"

Ralph was at it again when he incorrectly spelled Stephanie's name when casting his vote for her in Season 22, Episode 6.
It's Vytas, not

It's Vytas, not "Vetus"

Kat voted for Vytas to be voted out in Episode 7 of Blood vs. Water.
It's LJ, not

It's LJ, not "El Jay"

Tony cast his vote for LJ during Episode 8 of Survivor: Cagayan.
It's Jeremiah, not

It's Jeremiah, not "Geremiah"

Trish sent Jeremiah home on Episode 9 of Survivor: Cagayan.
It's Danielle, not

It's Danielle, not "Danellie"

Russell Hantz cast his vote for Danielle in Season 20, Episode 12.
It's Dirk, not

It's Dirk, not "Derk"

Back in Season 1, Sue cast her vote for Dirk.
It's Francesca, not

It's Francesca, not "Francesqua"

Phillip famously voted for Francesca to leave the island on the first episode of Season 22, Redemption Island.
It's Krista, not

It's Krista, not "Krasta"

Once again, Redemption Island's Ralph makes the list with his vote for Krista in Episode 5.
It's Keith, not

It's Keith, not "Kieth"

Alec attempts to vote out Keith, one of his allies, but is ultimately sent home instead on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.

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