Survivor Celebrates #NationalUnderwearDay

In honor of National Underwear Day, check out some photos of castaways in their skivvies.

Phillip's famous underwear

1. Phillip's famous underwear

Phillip made pink underwear famous in Survivor: Redemption Island.

2. Andrea

Andrea took a dip in her underwear during the premiere episode of Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites.
Alexis, LJ and Jefra

3. Alexis, LJ and Jefra

These beauties hung out in their underwear during the season premiere of Survivor: Cagayan

4. Brenda

Brenda walked around camp in her skivvies during Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites.

5. Morgan

Morgan cooled off in Survivor: Cagayan.

6. Natalie

Natalie shows off her beach bod while wearing underwear.

7. Ozzy

Ozzy wore his boxer briefs instead of swim trunks in Survivor: South Pacific.

8. Cliff

Cliff shows his brawn in Survivor: Cagayan.