Getting To Know The New Coyopa and Hunahpu Tribes

The new tribes

1. The new tribes

Jeff addresses the new tribes. Coyopa: Kelley, Baylor, Dale, Jon, Jaclyn, Missy, Keith Hunahpu: Josh, Alec, Wes, Reed, Julie, Natalie, Jeremy
The new Hunahpu

2. The new Hunahpu

The new Hunahpu tribe consists of Josh, Alec, Wes, Reed, Julie, Natalie and Jeremy.
The new Coyopa

3. The new Coyopa

The new Coyopa tribe members are Kelley, Baylor, Dale, Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Keith.
Josh and Reed

4. Josh and Reed

Couple Josh and Reed are reunited on the new Hunahpu tribe.
Missy and Baylor

5. Missy and Baylor

Mother/daughter Missy and Baylor are on Coyopa together.
Jaclyn and Jon reunited

6. Jaclyn and Jon reunited

Jaclyn and Jon are reunited and can play the game together on the Coyopa tribe.
Talking at Coyopa's camp

7. Talking at Coyopa's camp

Father/daughter Dale and Kelley chat with Jon and Jaclyn and attempt to form an alliance.
Ready, set....

8. Ready, set....

Go! The teams race to begin the immunity challenge.

9. Digging

The newly formed tribes must work together and dig.
Competing in immunity

10. Competing in immunity

The new tribes compete in the immunity challenge.
Back at camp

11. Back at camp

The Coyopa tribe gets back to camp and must figure out who to vote out.
Tribal Council

12. Tribal Council

The new Coyopa tribe heads to tribal council.
Kelley is voted out

13. Kelley is voted out

Kelley is the first person voted out of the new Coyopa tribe.