Exclusive Photos of Ponderosa From the Castaways' Perspective

A view from Ponderosa

1. A view from Ponderosa

When castaways are eliminated, they have the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate on Ponderosa.
Beautiful views

2. Beautiful views

The castaways on Ponderosa shoot photos of the gorgeous scenery.
Gorgeous sunset

3. Gorgeous sunset

Ponderosa has wonderful views.
Josh on Ponderosa

4. Josh on Ponderosa

Josh relaxes on Ponderosa.

5. Jeremy

Jeremy hangs out on Ponderosa.
Hanging out in the pool

6. Hanging out in the pool

Josh and Jeremy hang out in the pool.

7. Wes

Wes takes a selfie while hanging out on Ponderosa.
Wes and Josh

8. Wes and Josh

Wes and Josh enjoy their time on Ponderosa.
Sharing laughs

9. Sharing laughs

Jeremy and Wes talk over a meal.

10. Selfie

Wes takes a selfie of himself and Jeremy.
Infinity pool

11. Infinity pool

Wes and Jeremy have some fun at the pool.
Enjoying the view

12. Enjoying the view

Castaways relax by the pool.
Reunion hugs

13. Reunion hugs

Josh welcomes Reed to Ponderosa.

14. Josh

Josh takes a selfie on Ponderosa.
Celebrating Josh's birthday

15. Celebrating Josh's birthday

Reed and Josh enjoy Josh's birthday.
Wes, Josh and Jeremy

16. Wes, Josh and Jeremy

The castaways have fun celebrating Josh's birthday.
The birthday boy

17. The birthday boy

Josh has fun celebrating his birthday on Ponderosa.
Giving a kiss

18. Giving a kiss

Josh enjoys celebrating his birthday on Ponderosa.
Josh and Reed

19. Josh and Reed

The couple takes in the beautiful view.
Josh's birthday cake

20. Josh's birthday cake

Josh received a special birthday cake on Ponderosa.

21. Ponderosa

Castaways are welcomed to Ponderosa.
Josh celebrates

22. Josh celebrates

Josh enjoys his birthday on Ponderosa.
Wes and the donkey

23. Wes and the donkey

Wes sits at the table and celebrates Josh's birthday.
Josh and Reed

24. Josh and Reed

The couple enjoys time together on a boat ride.
View from the boat

25. View from the boat

The castaways on Ponderosa enjoy a boat ride.
Taking a look at the scenery

26. Taking a look at the scenery

The castaways on Ponderosa enjoy a boat ride.
Wes on the boat

27. Wes on the boat

Wes enjoys seeing the sights on the boat.
Wes and Jeremy

28. Wes and Jeremy

Wes and Jeremy enjoy the ocean views.
The happy couple

29. The happy couple

Josh and Reed are all smiles.
Sitting on the boat

30. Sitting on the boat

Wes and Jeremy prepare to fish off the boat.
Enjoying the boat ride

31. Enjoying the boat ride

Josh brings along the donkey on the boat ride.
Four guys on Ponderosa

32. Four guys on Ponderosa

Wes, Jeremy, Josh and Reed goof around on Ponderosa.
A delicious Ponderosa meal

33. A delicious Ponderosa meal

This is just an example of some of the meals castaways enjoy on Ponderosa.
Alec arrives on Ponderosa

34. Alec arrives on Ponderosa

Jeremy welcomes Alec to Ponderosa.
Enjoying a cold drink

35. Enjoying a cold drink

Alec is greeted with a beer on Ponderosa.
Chowing down

36. Chowing down

Reed and Josh enjoy their meal.
Alec takes a selfie

37. Alec takes a selfie

Alec enjoys the beautiful scenery of Ponderosa.

38. Alec

Alec relaxes on Ponderosa.
All smiles

39. All smiles

After Alec cleans up, he relaxes outside and enjoys the view.
Take a look at this view!

40. Take a look at this view!

Wes points to the beautiful view behind him.