Survivor Finale: Live Reunion Show

Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie

1. Missy, Jaclyn and Natalie

The final three react to the votes being read.
Natalie reacts

2. Natalie reacts

Natalie reacts to learning that she has earned the title of Sole Survivor.
Reed, Kelley and Josh

3. Reed, Kelley and Josh

Reed, Kelley and Josh pose for a photo while watching the finale together.
Drew and Keith

4. Drew and Keith

Drew and Keith are all smiles on Survivor finale day.
Jeremy and Val

5. Jeremy and Val

The happy couple pose together on Survivor finale night.
Natalie and Nadiya

6. Natalie and Nadiya

The twins react to Natalie winning the title of Sole Survivor.
Jeff and Natalie

7. Jeff and Natalie

The winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Natalie chats with Survivor Live host Jeff Schroeder.
Jaclyn and Jeff

8. Jaclyn and Jeff

Jeff Schroeder chats with runner-up Jaclyn about her experience playing Survivor.
Jeff Schroeder and Baylor

9. Jeff Schroeder and Baylor

Baylor answers questions about her time in the game.
Sharing a laugh with Keith

10. Sharing a laugh with Keith

Jeff and Keith spend time together and chat about Keith's experience on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.
The entire cast

11. The entire cast

Jeff chats with the entire cast at the finale.
Jaclyn makes a point

12. Jaclyn makes a point

The final three chat with Jeff during the finale.
Chatting with Jeff

13. Chatting with Jeff

Missy talks with Jeff and the rest of the cast on the live finale reunion show.
The Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Cast

14. The Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Cast

Baylor comforts Keith during the live reunion special.
Jeff Probst

15. Jeff Probst

The host with the most speaks with the audience.
Showing off her check

16. Showing off her check

Natalie shows off her winning check.