Escape To Ponderosa With Survivor Season 30's Castaways

Welcome to Ponderosa

1. Welcome to Ponderosa

When the jury members from Survivor: Worlds Apart were voted off camp, they headed to Ponderosa to relax until the season's finale episode and live reunion show in Los Angeles.
That cool, blue water

2. That cool, blue water

What better way to relax after enduring the intense challenges of Survivor than slipping in a luxurious infinity pool. Well, that's just what the Season 30 jury did before attending the epic season finale last week. 
A seriously amazing sunset

3. A seriously amazing sunset

Here's what the castaways were looking out at when reflecting back on their Survivor game. 
Writing's in the sand

4. Writing's in the sand

One castaway had a little fun in the sand along the shore.
Primping at Ponderosa

5. Primping at Ponderosa

Lindsey whips out her haircutting skills to give So a trim. These girls are looking good even on vacation! 
How sweet!

6. How sweet!

Nina looks on as Lindsey and Vince share a hug after a tropical sunset. 
Bare feet and big grins

7. Bare feet and big grins

Max, Lindsey, VInce, Nina, and So show off their amazing smiles while relaxing at Ponderosa. 
Joaquin takes a shot

8. Joaquin takes a shot

Joaquin hangs out in the Ponderosa house after his time on Survivor. We bet he's just wishing his bro, Rodney, was there for a game.
Lounging by the pool

9. Lounging by the pool

So and Lindsey let the day float by as they soak up some sun in the Ponderosa pool.
All dressed in white

10. All dressed in white

Joaquin, So, Vince, Nina, and Lindsey coordinate effortlessly while relaxing together. 
One big bug

11. One big bug

Ponderosa may be beautiful, but being somewhere exotic also brings along some pretty intense (and intimidating) insects. 
These lovely ladies

12. These lovely ladies

Nina, Kelly, Lindsey, and So have a drink while catching up in the sun. 
Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

13. Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Lindsey celebrates her birthday with her fellow castaways at Ponderosa. 
A Survivor sunset

14. A Survivor sunset

Kelly, Joaquin, So, Vince, Lindsey, Nina, and Max show us what a tropical sunset looks like against their sun-kissed tans. 
Just hanging out

15. Just hanging out

This guy may not be one of the castaways, but he can surely hang with the best of them.
So and Vince get cozy

16. So and Vince get cozy

These two know how to have fun, whether on Survivor or at Ponderosa.
This egret has has no regrets

17. This egret has has no regrets

You never know what you may stumble upon at Ponderosa. After all–you are in the wilderness.
Handstands and happiness

18. Handstands and happiness

So and Lindsey take things upside down and find some balance.