First Chance, Second Chance: Survivor Castaways Pick Up Where They Left Off

Kass McQuillen's First Chance

1. Kass McQuillen's First Chance

Kass McQuillen, known to fans as "Chaos Kass," first stepped onto camp in Season 28, Survivor: Cagayan, and immediately wasn't shy about her strategic gameplay, sarcastic personality, and strong opinions about the castaways. Her unpredictable nature at Tribal Council also made her one to keep an eye on. (Remember when she gave fellow castaway Trish Hegarty an unpleasant gesture as she was snuffed?)

In the end, Kass left her first run in third place—a pretty impressive spot for someone who rubbed so many people the wrong way. 
Kass McQuillen's Second Chance

2. Kass McQuillen's Second Chance

Kass entered Second Chance with the aim of playing a calmer game and attempting to change people's chaotic perception of her. She saw her second run as a fresh start to reconnect with the group on a more emotional level, and she did just that, specifically with Spencer Bledsoe and Kelley Wentworth.

In the end, Kass wasn't surprised by her send-off on Second Chance, and was actually pretty excited to hold down the fort as she proclaimed herself the "Queen of Ponderosa"—that is, before the other cast-off castaways joined her.

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Andrew Savage's Second Chance

3. Andrew Savage's Second Chance

On Survivor: Cambodia, Savage was an admitted old schooler, but he quickly embraced some new-school ways in order to stay in the game. Initially, he was part of the Bayon majority alliance, but got blindsided shortly after the merge.

Despite being able to adapt to his ever-changing environment, there was nothing he could do to save himself after Kelley Wentworth used her Hidden Immunity Idol, which sent Savage packing. 

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Andrew Savage's First Chance

4. Andrew Savage's First Chance

Andrew Savage was first introduced to fans in Season 7, Survivor: Pearl Islands. He led the Morgan Tribe, emerging as the group's strongest member, but eventually left the game in 10th place.

However, there was never any doubt about this competitor's impressive strength and commitment to the game. After all, he held 175 pounds on his back all the way to an Immunity Challenge victory. 
Stephen Fishbach's Second Chance

5. Stephen Fishbach's Second Chance

During Stephen's Second Chance run, he was all business because this was an opportunity for him to prove himself and rise above all of the physical threats—coughJoe Anglimcough—that got under his skin.

While he wasn't able to win a lot of challenges, he did snag a luxurious Reward and a mysterious advantage in the game. However, when he finally used his two votes for leverage, the plan of outing Joe backfired and resulted Stephen's own epic blindside. 

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Stephen Fishbach's First Chance

6. Stephen Fishbach's First Chance

Stephen Fishbach first joined the game in Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins, and immediately exhibited equal parts awkwardness and strategy.

Stephen came close to the $1 million prize as the season's runner up; however, his poor performance in the Final Tribal Council gave a unanimous win to his close ally J.T. Thomas. 
Kelly Wiglesworth's First Chance

7. Kelly Wiglesworth's First Chance

Kelly Wiglesworth left a strong impression on fans during the series' first season, Survivor: Borneo, when she lost the grand prize by one vote. She did, however, win four consecutive Immunity Challenges leading up to her final Tribal Council.

Kelly Wiglesworth's Second Chance

8. Kelly Wiglesworth's Second Chance

Kelly came back on Survivor: Cambodia to do one thing—win! But when she finished in 11th place after a brutal blindside, she soon realized that playing under the radar didn't end up working in her favor. 

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Ciera Eastin's First Chance

9. Ciera Eastin's First Chance

Ciera Eastin was first introduced to fans in Season 27, Survivor: Blood vs. Water, when previous castaways were forced to compete against their loved ones. 

Ciera voted out her own mother and flipped from the majority alliance, which caused the second rock-drawing tie-breaker in Survivor history. Despite this seemingly cutthroat move, she made it all the way to fifth place that season. 
Ciera Eastin's Second Chance

10. Ciera Eastin's Second Chance

Ciera Eastin was not shy about wanting to play fast and hard during Second Chance and took many opportunities to remind the group at Rewards and Tribal Councils of her no-nonsense gameplay mentality.

Her persuasive abilities helped get the tribe on board to vote out Kelly Wiglesworth and Stephen Fishbach, even though most castaways considered her part of this season's "Witches Coven," which also included Kelley Wentworth and Abi-Maria Gomes. Despite her seemingly strong ties to other players, Ciera might've been playing a little too hard, which is why she was eventually the 10th castaway voted out of camp. 

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Joe Anglim's First Chance

11. Joe Anglim's First Chance

With his tall stature and strong physique, Joe Anglim walked onto Season 30, Survivor: Worlds Apart, as an obvious physical threat.

As leader of the Nagarote Alliance, Joe was the primary target for the rival alliance and was voted off as soon as he stopped winning Individual Immunity. 
Joe Anglim's Second Chance

12. Joe Anglim's Second Chance

By re-entering the game on Second Chance, Joe wanted to prove himself as a fierce competitor and also up his social game in order to last longer in Cambodia.

However, Joe found himself in nearly the same position as an obvious target for the other castaways, who took him out as soon as he stopped winning Individual Immunity challenges. 

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Abi-Maria Gomes' First Chance

13. Abi-Maria Gomes' First Chance

Abi-Maria Gomes, a self-proclaimed villain, walked onto Season 25, Survivor: Philippines, ready to play hard—even if that meant rubbing people the wrong way. 

Though she began in a strong alliance with RC Saint-Amour, her game eventually deteriorated when the other castaways perceived her as self-unaware and unpleasant to be around, so she was voted out before making the Final 3. 
Abi-Maria Gomes' Second Chance

14. Abi-Maria Gomes' Second Chance

Stepping back into Second Chance, Abi wanted to up her social game and try to personally connect with more of the castaways.

In fact, she thought she'd hit it off with Shirin Oskooi, knowing they both had struggled in similar ways on their previous seasons. 
However, Abi found herself making enemies again and it wasn't long until she was determined by her fellow castaways as being toxic to the tribe. 

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Keith Nale's Second Chance

15. Keith Nale's Second Chance

Keith Nale continued to play a low-key game on Second Chance and still supplied his Survivor fans with lots of entertaining moments.

Even as one of the older castaways of the season, Keith proved himself as a fierce competitor by battling it out next to Joe Anglim in many of the challenges. When Keith bonded with fellow San Juan del Sur castaway Kelley Wentworth, he moved smoothly toward the finals, however, when he didn't win Immunity on day 37, he was voted out right before the final Tribal Council, ultimately landing in fifth place. 

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