15 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're A Survivor Castaway

There are just some words that hold totally different meaning to those on Survivor. Like these...

Sometimes certain words hold different meanings for different people.

1. Sometimes certain words hold different meanings for different people.

Sure, all of the words above can be found in your average dictionary, but for loyal Survivor fans, they mean something completely different. 

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1. Merge

2. 1. Merge

No, we're not referring to the action you take when driving onto a crowded freeway. On Survivor, the term "merge" alludes to what happens when separate tribes combine into one larger tribe. Alliances shuffle, tension grows, and competition gets more intense.

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2. Torches

3. 2. Torches

A glowing torch stands as the token of life in the game of Survivor and, as each castaway makes their way to Tribal Council, they carry their torch in hand, hoping to walk back to camp with it at the end.

Once you're a castaway, we imagine you'll never look at tiki torches the same way again. 

3. Reward

4. 3. Reward

In normal, everyday life, receiving a hard-earned reward will put a smile on your face. But Rewards on Survivor provide the winning few castaways a break from the game and are usually once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see the season's exotic surroundings. 

Watch what happened when Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth, and Spencer Bledsoe shared a special reward together on Second Chance.
4. Alliance

5. 4. Alliance

In real life, we have normal friendships. But on Survivor, many of these camaraderies transform into solid alliances that last well into the game—and, without them, it's hard for an individual to escape Tribal Councils with clean hands and a clear conscious. 

A recent example of a successful "alliance" would be when Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe buddied up in Season 32 and stayed together until the Final 3. 
5. Snuffed

6. 5. Snuffed

In this case, "snuff" isn't about the act of inhaling a heavenly smell. Instead, it refers to the act of extinguishing giant torches that symbolize your life in the Survivor game. And when they're out, so are you

Watch when Stephen Fishbach was snuffed on Survivor: Cambodia
6. Food

7. 6. Food

Sure, food is yummy to everyone, but on Survivor, food gives the castaways well-needed energy and offers another reason to keep on pushing themselves to the limit. Just the thought of additional sustenance causes the castaways to salivate and rise to their feet.

Luckyfor them, many of the Reward Challenges end with a tasty meal to fill up their empty bellies.

See what happened when some of the castaways chowed down on some serious grub in Survivor: Cambodia
7. Reflection

8. 7. Reflection

Some people spend a few minutes every day to close their eyes and meditate, but when you're on Survivor, personal reflections can last hours—especially when your backdrop is the sound of crashing waves and swaying trees. 

8. Challenge

9. 8. Challenge

Challenges take on a whole different meaning on Survivor because these obstacles test the castaways' physical, mental, and emotional strength. When it's challenge day, players know it's time to put in some work.  

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9. Shelter

10. 9. Shelter

Sure it isn't glamorous, but this is an example of a typical Survivor shelter, which might not look like much but acts as a barrier between the castaways and the often volatile elements. Regardless, we're pretty sure these tough cookies are always happy to get back home to their warm beds after these scant living conditions. 

Watch what happened when the castaways really valued their shaky shelter after days of brutal rain. 
10. Immunity

11. 10. Immunity

Oh, the sweet taste of Immunity. Winning such an honor means you're untouchable through another heated Tribal Council. 

See what happened when Joe Anglim battled his way through one particular Immunity Challenge in a special 2-hour episode. 
11. Necklace

12. 11. Necklace

On Survivor, this particular bauble is what all the castaways yearn for because it symbolizes individual safety in the upcoming Tribal Council, which means you're one step closer to being named Sole Survivor. 

Watch what happened when Spencer Bledsoe won the Immunity Necklace, breaking Joe Anglim's four-week winning streak. 
12. Blindside

13. 12. Blindside

Blindsides happen when a castaway is sent packing at Tribal Council without any previous knowledge that they might be on the hot seat. These moments make for some of the best parts of each Survivor episode because a castaway can go from feeling on top of the world to getting exiled in a matter of a minutes.

Watch Andrew Savage's epic blindside from Second Chance.
13. Buff

14. 13. Buff

The castaways sport these Survivor-specific wardrobe staples in a variety of ways. It can work as a headband, tube top, scarf, arm band, and bracelet. If you're itching to own one of your very own, check out the selections available at the CBS Store.

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14. Jury

15. 14. Jury

Just like a in courtroom, these jury members have to deliver a very important verdict. Only in this case, the tribunal is comprised of previously eliminated Survivor castaways who, at the end of the game, will vote for which person in the Final 3 they think deserves the title of Sole Survivor and that $1 million prize. 

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