First Things First: Let's Talk About The Punishing Premiere Of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

The 32nd installment of Survivor started with a splash!

1. The 32nd installment of Survivor started with a splash!

Survivor: Kaoh Rong started off with a splash, literally, as 18 new castaways split into three tribes of six and jumped ship to gather supplies for their individual camps. There are always a bunch of firsts during every Survivor premiere, like first impressions, first memorable moments, and the first castaway to get ousted from the competition at the dreaded first Tribal Council.

See which stand-out moments everyone's talking about following the premiere of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

First impressions

2. First impressions

When the Brawn, Beauty, and Brains Tribes met in Cambodia for the very first time, they immediately began eyeing each other up and down, making judgments based on first impressions falling into three buckets—personality, age, and celebrity resemblances.

Debbie from The Brains Tribe had everyone’s minds spinning with her constant chattering, intense confidence, and need for attention. The super buff Joseph was an instant target simply because of his age. (He's 71!) And, Peter, who was immediately taken for a President Obama look-a-like, which he said he'd try to work to his advantage.

"If they feel like they're getting crushed by Obama, then so be it," Peter said. 
First to hunt for a Hidden Immunity Idol

3. First to hunt for a Hidden Immunity Idol

Beauty Tribe member Tai let his bubbly personality shine bright during the Survivor premiere, and we learned three things about this brave castaway. First, this gardener loves nature and all its living creatures equally; second, he had a smart tip to keep the tribes' two chickens close together; and, third, he was the first to secretly dig around for the first Hidden Immunity Idol. 
First person to get recognized

4. First person to get recognized

Caleb is no newbie to living with strangers or competing his butt off as a Houseguest on Big Brother. However, just when he thought his BB days were behind him, Julia recognized this former Season 16 alum right away and remembered how loyal he was to his alliance. 

Will Caleb’s past help his Survivor game or will it just place a target on his back? We shall see.
First breakdown

5. First breakdown

When first thrown into the Survivor experience, it's easy for anxiety to ensue and that’s just what happened for Aubry from the Brains Tribe when she settled in at camp, started to cry, and launched into a full-on anxiety attack. The Boston-based social media marketer grew embarrassed and worried that her initial impression was uncharacteristic, so Debbie stepped in and offered her a shoulder to lean on.

Later, when Aubry came through during the Immunity Challenge, everyone saw her in a new light. 
First to encounter something creepy-crawly

6. First to encounter something creepy-crawly

What’s worse than being surrounded by insects in the middle of nowhere? How about having one of those critters crawling around inside of your ear? Jennifer knows this painful feeling all too well, as she battled the sensation pre-Immunity Challenge.

It wasn’t until Cydney, Alecia, and Scot stepped in that the bug finally crawled out from Jennifer's ear, giving her invaluable relief. 
First stragglers of the bunch

7. First stragglers of the bunch

The first Immunity Challenge of each new Survivor season is a true test of each castaways competitiveness. The Brains Tribe ended up taking this first win, followed by the Beauty Tribe. That left Brawn Tribe at the bottom of the heap.

When Darnell, diver for the Brawn Tribe, lost his goggles while attempting to retrieve the first paddle, everyone took note and the incident ended up being the main reason why he was targeted going into Tribal. Then, there was Alecia ("Blondie," as named by Kyle), who stood there and looked pretty as Jennifer did most of the work. Her inability to puzzle solve under pressure had Tribal written all over it. 
First eliminated castaway

8. First eliminated castaway

The Brawn Tribe knew who was on the chopping block the instant they brought their torches to Tribal: Darnell, the goggle-dropping diver, and Alecia the puzzle non-solver.

Darnell seemed to pull at everyone's "empathy strings" when he gave an emotional speech about always fighting his way through life. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get their final votes. After an initial tie, the group recast their votes and, in the end, Darnell was the first castaway of Survivor: Kaoh Rong to get snuffed.

As host Jeff Probst reminded the remaining castaways, "If you’re gonna talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk."

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