One Castaway's Big Move Results In Another Player's Huge Exit In Ep. 10

Scot's got his eye on someone new.

2. Scot's got his eye on someone new.

When Cydney betrayed Jason and Scot, it wasn't long until the Georgia-based body builder became the pro baller's next target. When he shared the plan with Aubry, the social media marketer seemed amenable, but later said she was only playing along with Scot so she could do the best thing for her game, which would hopefully entail staying another week on the island. 
The Reward Challenge offers up three amazing rewards.

3. The Reward Challenge offers up three amazing rewards.

For this week's Reward Challenge, there were three distinct teams fighting for one of three rewards, including a spread of delicious food, a touching letter from home, or a mysterious advantage in the game; however, each of the final eight castaways had to balance fragile ceramic pots on a long beam using just one foot. In the end, Michele battled her way to the food reward, Julia won a sweet letter from home, and Tai took the unknown game advantage. 

Privately, the California-based gardner learned he'd been given an extra vote at Tribal that could be played up until five people were left in the game and, in an instant, Tai's power doubled. 
The boys keep running the show.

4. The boys keep running the show.

After a chat with Julia, Aubry was taken aback when the Boston-based college student mentioned she wanted Tai out, so Aubry set out to find Tai and said she was willing to work with him instead of the girls. Recognizing the former Brains Tribe member might be a good addition to his already-strong alliance with Jason and Scot, Tai agreed to align and a new bond was formed!

Next, Tai went to the ex-Brawn bros to let them know of Aubry's new stance, but, to his surprise, Jason and Scot shut the idea down immediately. Instead, the pair wanted to twist Tai's intentions and blindside Aubry at the next Tribal Council. 
The Individual Immunity Challenge gets snagged by Jason.

5. The Individual Immunity Challenge gets snagged by Jason.

After more than an hour into this week's Individual Immunity Challenge, the only remaining castaways left battling it out for the coveted necklace were Aubry and Jason.

In a fight of Brains versus Brawn, both players fought through the pain and intensity of balancing two ceramic pots with only their arm strength. Neither castaway wanted to give up, but when Aubry finally slipped from her position, Jason knew the prize was his.
Tai is torn before this season's most important vote.

6. Tai is torn before this season's most important vote.

Doubting whether or not Tai truly trusted his existing allies, Scot and Jason, Aubry approached him to see where his head at was prior to Tribal. She said she was going to vote out Scot, but Tai was torn. While his brain was telling him to stay with the boys, his heart was saying to stay loyal to Aubry. 

Who would ultimately earn Tai's allegiance?
Another epic blindside leaves everyone shocked.

7. Another epic blindside leaves everyone shocked.

When the tribe marched into Tribal Council, Jason and Scot appeared confident that their plan of outing Aubry would come to fruition. They also seemed sure that even if one of their names were called for elimination, they could play this season's special Super Idol and remain in the game. Little did they know, though, that Aubry had been planting seeds with Tai to cast votes against his supposed ally and her main target, Scot.

As the votes were tallied and Scot heard his name called out five times, he and Jason turned to Tai and waited for him to play his Idol. However, Tai just sat there, shook his head, apologized to Scot for not making the save—and just like that, Tai sealed Scot's fate with a Survivor sayonara.

How will Jason survive without his partner in crime? And will Tai's bold move mean his true allegiance has shuffled over to Aubry?

Jeff addressed the remaining seven, saying, "Well, once again, just when you think you’re safe—whoops!—here goes another blindside. Twelve days left should make for a very interesting finish." You can say that again.

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