Season 23 Episode 14

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1. Coach

Coach expresses emotion during the fourteenth episode of Survivor: South Pacific.
Talking at Camp

2. Talking at Camp

Rick, Brandon, Albert and Sophie chat at camp.
Survivors Compete

3. Survivors Compete

The remaining five Survivors compete to win a challenge.

4. Brandon

Brandon competes as Jeff looks on.

5. Competition

The Survivors compete in a challenge.
Coach and Brandon

6. Coach and Brandon

Coach and Brandon spend time at camp.
Edna and Ozzy

7. Edna and Ozzy

Edna and Ozzy compete in the duel.
Ozzy and Edna

8. Ozzy and Edna

Ozzy and Edna prepare to duel.

9. "Then There Were Five"

Rick Nelson, Brandon Hantz, Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Edna Ma, Albert Destrade and Sophie Clarke, of the Te Tuna tribe watch as Ozzy and Edna arrive.