• The Inspectors

    S4 E27 Stick to the Script

    In this look back on season four, Erica-Marie Sanchez (Veronica Ruiz) guides us through an episode when Amanda and Mitch were on the case after a toxic sticker ended up in the hands of a young girl. (TV-G)

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The Inspectors - Ren Is the New Black
S4 E1 Sep 29, 2018
Ren Is the New Black
The Inspectors - Diagnosis: Negative
S4 E2 Oct 06, 2018
Diagnosis: Negative
The Inspectors - The Dog House
S4 E3 Oct 13, 2018
The Dog House
The Inspectors - Scam School
S4 E4 Oct 20, 2018
Scam School
The Inspectors - Shields and Potions
S4 E5 Oct 27, 2018
Shields and Potions
The Inspectors - What's in a Name?
S4 E7 Nov 10, 2018
What's in a Name?
The Inspectors - Smells Like Christmas Spirit
S4 E8 Nov 17, 2018
Smells Like Christmas Spirit
The Inspectors - Smile Like You Mean It
S4 E9 Jan 05, 2019
Smile Like You Mean It
The Inspectors - Blank Canvas...of Corruption
S4 E10 Jan 12, 2019
Blank Canvas...of Corruption
The Inspectors - Turtle Trouble Beach Party
S4 E11 Jan 19, 2019
Turtle Trouble Beach Party
The Inspectors - Mother Nature
S4 E12 Jan 26, 2019
Mother Nature
The Inspectors - Hurtful Words
S4 E13 Feb 02, 2019
Hurtful Words
The Inspectors
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The Inspectors is a scripted dramatic series set in Washington, D.C., inspired by compelling real cases handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service. In the series, Preston Wainwright (Bret Green), a determined young man who is thriving after being paralyzed in a car accident, works as an intern assisting his U.S. postal inspector mom, Amanda (Daytime Emmy Award winner Jessica Lundy), to solve crimes that deal with everything from internet scams, identity and mail theft, to consumer fraud. In season four, Preston’s dreams of walking again one day have taken a huge step toward reality. But the hard part has just begun, and his recovery becomes as mental as it is physical. Also, Preston and his friends, Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight), begin their senior year at Jamestown University and start to think about life after college. From their careers to their relationships, they will face major choices that will shape their destinies.

The Inspectors strives to educate young people about making the right choices in their daily lives, encourages open communication between teens and parents, and includes positive messaging regarding living with disabilities, overcoming challenges, beating the odds, and the power of perseverance. Terry Serpico also stars. The United States Postal Inspection Service, the nation's oldest federal law enforcement agency, serves as the show's official programming resource.
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