Brenda - @midlifemona

Brenda Clevenger, 50, Kansas City
Current Job: Part-time PR Consultant and Freelance Writer
Career Highlights: Created and marketed first ... More...

Carlos - @wildgeniuschild

Carlos DeAngelo Bell, 25, Washington D.C.
Current Job: Freelance Stylist
Career Highlights: Italian VOGUE, French Vogue, Kanye West Video... More...

Kristina - @stylchicago

Kristina Leng, 26, Chicago, IL
Current Job: Bartender, Server, Promotional Model, Freelance Stylist
Career Highlights: Producing both Trun... More...

Rachele - @trainor_rachele

Rachele Trainor, 25, White Hall, Maryland
Current Job: Unemployed
Career Highlights:My career in fashion has been quite an exciting ride. ... More...

Diandra - @DiandraGiGi

Diandra Barnwell, 23, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Current Job: Samples Coordinator
Career Highlights:Production Assistant, fashion stylists, f... More...