Search Becomes #1 Website to do Internet On
Posted on Jun 3, 2015 01:45pm

FOR IMMEDIATE AND SATISFYING RELEASE Quickly Becomes #1 Website to do Internet On
Traffic Estimated To Be As High As 300,000,000,000 Hits*

HEAVILY GUARDED SERVER FARM, NEVADA – Though only 4 hours old, has already become one of the Internet’s hottest non-pornographic websites. Users around the globe are flocking to for behind-the-scenes peeks at the upcoming show, exclusive comedy videos, and press releases trumpeting its own success.

“Millennials of all ages are really responding #to the trending buzz of our social-media-enabled content-point-oh. “ said Stephen Colbert, Host and Help Desk Technician for The Late Show. “Even those without the Internet have reported seeing after falling into sudden ecstatic reveries.“

Rave reviews have already begun raving:

“Once you have ruled out the impossible, the only thing that remains is this website. I love it nearly as much as I love cocaine.” - Sherlock Holmes (Fictional Detective)

“Gazing upon this luminous pane is a humbling and terrifying experience. Have these truly replaced news-papers in your Godless future?” - Alexander Hamilton (Founding Father)

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Stephen Colbert’s website was VERY good this year!” - Barack Obama (President)

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is a heavily anticipated late night show and, for tax purposes, also a charity that distributes bibs to dogs struggling with Pavlovian responses. It premieres September 8th at 11:35pm on the Columbia Broadcasting System, or as it’s known worldwide, CoBroSys.


For Press Inquiries Contact:
Alberto Rèalnamè
Chief Propagandist
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

* Or as low as 17.