Award-Eligible iPhone App Colbr Now Available for Android Devices
Posted on Jun 22, 2015 03:00pm


Award-Eligible iPhone App Colbr Now Available for Android Devices
Finally Brings Peace to Years-Long Smartphone Nerd War

THE INTERNET, USA – Stephen Colbert’s Colbr app, hailed on iOS as “functional”, has made the leap to Android – the mobile operating system preferred by youths with phones the size of ironing boards. Upon hearing they both had equal access to Late Show videos and podcasts, the previously warring clans of House Android and House iPhone declared an immediate peace, sealed by an uncomfortable diplomatic marriage.

“This is the droid you’re looking for. Star wars reference!” said Stephen Colbert, Host and Flappy Bird High Score Champion of The Late Show. “I believe that it doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you use Colbr on, we’re all humans and are worthy of respect. Except Windows Phone users, those guys can go suck an egg.”

Colbr’s patented technology combines a series of still images shows in rapid succession with a synced audio track to deliver the appearance of motion. Unfortunately, the final release of Colbr does not allow users to swipe right and meet hot young single Stephen Colberts in their area, due to a severe nationwide Stephen Colbert shortage.

Colbr is now available in the Android Store, alongside such notable downloadables as Instagram and 508 different apps that make fart noises. It is the official app of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which will premiere on September 8th on CBS, which can be found on that big not-touch-screen in your living room.


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