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The Only Thing More Adorable Than Ellie Kemper Might Be These 9 Puppies

You can adopt one of these cuties from The Late Show's "Rescue Puppy Rescue" (the puppies, not Ellie).
Posted on Aug 16, 2017 | 08:00pm

Despite being just a few weeks old, these puppies are kind of a big deal. They've been hanging out with celebrities like Ellie Kemper and Stephen Colbert, and they appeared on The Late Show as part of "Rescue Puppy Rescue."

But don't worry, they don't have big heads. Big paws? Yes. Big ears? Maybe. Big hearts? Of course.

WATCH: The Late Show "Rescue Dog Rescue" With Ellie Kemper

As of The Late Show episode on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, all of these adorable dogs are looking for their forever homes. Are you ready to have one of these celebrity pups in your life? By clicking on their name or photo below, you can adopt them through North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Over on the NSALA website, you can also find other lovable animals in your area and learn other ways to support the organization. Or you can just spend hours looking at photos of dogs (and cats)—admit it, you were probably going to do that, anyway.

"Rescue Puppy Rescue" is a popular recurring segment on The Late Show. Last time, Jim Parsons joined Stephen with nine other puppies. You can see what happened to that group at the end of this page.

Lilly, Hound Mix (Adoption #: T96980)
What we learned about her on the show: "In addition to being fully housebroken, Lilly is an Olympic-medal-winning high jumper. So I'm sure you may be wondering, why is she up for adoption? She only took home the bronze."

Lucky, Hound Mix (Adoption #: T98699)
What we learned about her on the show: "You know those psychic animals that predict sports winners, like the octopus from Germany who accurately called eight World Cup games in a row? Amazing, right? Well, Lucky ate that octopus."

Buckley, Terrier Mix (Adoption #: T96987)
What we learned about him on the show: "Buckley met Tom Selleck once and will not shut up about it. He's fun at parties but if Blue Bloods happens to come on the TV, buckle up."

Callie, Husky Mix (Adoption #: T96982)
What we learned about her on the show: "She's a rare Swiss Army dog. Her teeth can open bottles, her little fingernails are a complete screwdriver set, and there is a USB charger in her butt!"

Chase, Terrier Mix (Adoption #: T98697)
What we learned about him on the show: "He's part terrier mix and due to a mishap at the nuclear plant, part mutant. Fair warning: His superpower is flight, so when you take him out to pee, bring an umbrella."

Burt, Terrier Mix (Adoption #:T96989)
What we learned about him on the show: "Burt here is actually the reincarnated soul of 17th century Austro-Hungarian emperor, Leopold the First. Leopold was known for his conflicts with the Ottoman Empire—but you'll know him for humping your ottoman."

Titus, Terrier Mix (Adoption #: T96988)
What we learned about him on the show: "Fun fact about Titus—he's also a fully functioning cell phone. 'Hello!? I can't talk right now—I'm losing you. I can't get any bars. I'll call you later on my land-dog.'"

Chloe, Hound/Terrier Mix (Adoption #: T96981)
What we learned about her on the show: "This is Chloe. Chloe is extremely well-trained and never barks at squirrels—unless those squirrels have ties to alt-right hate groups. That’s right, Chloe bites Nazis. Don’t you girl?"

Perry, Hound Mix (Adoption #: T98696)
What we learned about him on the show: ‚Äč"Perry is a sweet lil' guy, very loving and playful. And good news—when you're having sex, Perry won't sit in the room and stare. But he will hide in the hall and listen. Oh, and he will judge."

We can't wait for this latest group to be adopted! And if you're curious how things turned out for the last "Rescue Puppy Rescue" group with Jim Parsons, well ... the results speak for themselves:

For more information, visit the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA).

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