Quick And Easy Ways To Help Our U.S. Citizens In Puerto Rico

The island is home to 3 million Americans, and you can give them a hand right now.
Posted on Sep 25, 2017 | 02:40pm
Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria. Three million U.S. citizens lost electricity, not to mention thousands of homes destroyed and a loss of access to fresh water, fuel, and phone service. Their representative to Congress reports that they've been set back 30 years.

The Late Show has been encouraging everybody to give after disasters like Hurricane Harvey earlier this month, and this is no different. Our fellow Americans are in a time of need. Here are some great organizations that have indicated they are ready to help. Visit the websites to learn more about each organization, and to find out if donations are tax deductible.

Unidos por Puerto Rico

Global Giving



Save the Children

Team Rubicon

Thank you for your generous support of our fellow Americans.

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