Four More Years! Four More Years! Stephen Colbert Renews With The Late Show

Stephen will continue hosting the hit show through Aug. 2023 on CBS and CBS All Access.
Posted on Oct 18, 2019 | 09:35am
After some initial confusion about the electoral college and hanging chads, CBS has confirmed that incumbent Stephen Colbert will continue for four more years as host of The Late Show, weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Stephen became host on Sept. 8, 2015 and was originally signed through Aug. 2020. With the new contract extension, he will remain on through Aug. 2023.

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In addition to his role as host, Executive Producer, and writer of The Late Show, Stephen also serves as an Executive Producer on Showtime's animated series Our Cartoon President, which premiered in Feb. 2018.

"Stephen Colbert is one of the most entertaining, influential, and relevant voices in America today," said David Nevins, Chief Creative Officer of CBS and Chairman and CEO of Showtime. "His monologue has become a vibrant part of the national discussion, and a spot on Stephen's couch places guests from the worlds of entertainment, news, and politics in front of late night’s largest and most desirable audience."

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The Late Show has been enjoying both ratings growth and impressive border security around its broadcast home at New York's historic Ed Sullivan Theater. Far and away late night’s most successful show, nearly four million viewers tune in each night. Stephen also commanded his monologues on a successful incursion into YouTube, resulting in nearly 57 million views.

The Late Show has received a total of 13 Emmy nominations since its premiere in 2015, including three nominations for Stephen's critically acclaimed election night special, which aired on Showtime in 2018.

Through his press secretary, Stephen acknowledged, "I’ve been asked by CBS to host The Late Show until 2023, and I have every intention of honoring their subpoena."

Watch all-new episodes of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on CBS and CBS All Access.