Before And After: Here's What's Changed During Trump's First 100 Days In Office

Reasons People March

2. Reasons People March

Hey, the turnout's gotten a lot better.
The White House

3. The White House

Now with 100% more Florida.
White House Pets

4. White House Pets

Don't look back, Sunny and Bo. Don't look back. 
Meals For Seniors

5. Meals For Seniors

Sorry, Fluffy. 
EPA Personnel

6. EPA Personnel

Just make sure he gets his naptime, or kiss those National Parks goodbye!
Ivanka's Job

7. Ivanka's Job

She's ready for international trade talks since her manufacturing is done in China.
First Lady's Address

8. First Lady's Address

At least it's still on the East Coast?
Global Warming

9. Global Warming

It's a good thing we've got that toddler running a tight ship over at the EPA.
Kim Jon Un

11. Kim Jon Un

More ammo, same haircut.
Michael Flynn

12. Michael Flynn

Otherwise known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Found.

13. Protesting

If you can't join it, privatize it.
Obama Mood

14. Obama Mood

Look who's pro guns now.
White House Visitor Log

15. White House Visitor Log

This is the exact one Biden left behind.
Presidential Golfing

17. Presidential Golfing

Life sure comes at you fast.
Border Wall

18. Border Wall

You don't get much bang for your peso.
National Endowment For The Arts Funding

19. National Endowment For The Arts Funding

Elmo's got a side hustle.
Situation Room

20. Situation Room

That's one beautiful piece of chocolate cake.
How The President Gets Around

21. How The President Gets Around

Meet the first president to own a plug-in electric vehicle.