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Everything The Odd Couple Cast Just Revealed the About the Show: “It’s playful, it’s improvisational, and fun!”
Posted on Feb 19, 2015 09:15am

When the stars and producers of the upcoming series The Odd Couple gathered onstage at the Winter Television Critics Association press tour, the audience could immediately feel the group’s animated sense of humor and camaraderie — a dynamic that is sure to please in the upcoming sitcom.

Cast members Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Wendell Pierce, Lindsay Sloane, and Yvette Nicole Brown joined Executive Producer Bob Daily and original series creator Garry Marshall to talk about their unique take on a television classic on Monday.

The group’s informality engaged everyone; charming journalists and writers as they candidly answered questions about the upcoming series, discussed the transformation of the original Broadway play by Neil Simon, and bounced lively jokes off one another.

Here are just a few insights the paneled shared about the upcoming show.

On how The Odd Couple will compare to its previous interpretations:

Executive Producer Bob Daily began with noting that “the DNA of those two characters has seeped into television for the past two decades.”

It’s clear that the show will modernize the famous mismatched roommates — the uptight Felix and laidback Oscar — while still maintaining some dynamics of the original Broadway play. Daily said their interpretation is more of a “Bert and Ernie dynamic.”

Matthew Perry, both a star and Executive Producer of the sitcom, acknowledged that the cast and crew are “standing on the shoulders of giants.” He said, “the audience got the premise and were really on board since day one.”

Making things a bit lighter, co-star Thomas Lennon quickly added that there will also be “a lot more yoga” than before. Daily also announced that Trombone Shorty created the theme song for this refreshing new sitcom, rebooting the original The Odd Couple theme.

On how Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon embraced their roles:

Both men have not only settled comfortably into their characters, but they’ve clearly delighted in portraying the two quirky roommates.

Perry called the opportunity to play laid back Oscar a “dream come true.” He also noted that his famous Friends character Chandler was more of a Felix, but that despite that, Perry is more of an Oscar in real life.

Lennon, who plays tightly-wound Felix, caused the room to break out in laughter when he stated, “I did bring my cello and my yoga skills to the part. The OCD? I brought myself!”

In all seriousness, he also said, “The scripts are so funny, we’re just trying to live up to them.”

On filming in front of a live studio audience:

Though much of the cast has worked on sitcoms before, they’re excited to be in front of an audience again after stints on other types of projects. They’re even expecting this to be better than other shows they’ve worked on; previous sitcom projects had very long hours, but The Odd Couple production has kept it more reasonable.

Garry Marshall, legendary creator of the original TV series, chimed in to say, “If the audience doesn’t laugh, we do another version. An audience tells you what’s happening.” Daily shared the shared the sentiment. “Our laughs are real,” he said.I am morally opposed to sweetening.”

On the cast dynamic on set:

The panel’s chemistry at the conference shed light on just how funny the series will be. They all sung praises to each other — praises coated in humor and inside jokes!

“This experience with these people here has been a godsend,” said Yvette Nicole Brown, quickly adding that “there’s really nothing that they tell Thomas Lennon to do that he can’t do well.” Garry Marshall also applauded the “fantastic supporting cast.”

The mood became more and more hilarious as the panel went on; the audience felt like a part of the panel, privy to their inside jokes. The room erupted in laughter when Matthew Perry joked that he was doing The Odd Couple because his “attempt at being a movie star failed.” When Thomas Lennon suggested that we all “stay after and tickle Wendell [Pierce],” that got quite a laugh, too.

The Odd Couple will premiere Thursday, February 18th at 8:30/7:30c. It will be a modern reboot of the 50-year-old classic with new characters, new life issues, and, obviously, new jokes!

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