• The Open Road with Dr. Chris

    S2 E13 Dr. Chris on the Move

    Dr. Chris is on the moooove! First, he meets a giant cow that steals his heart; then he travels to Fiji and swims with sharks. Next, he witnesses the great red crab migration, then he braves the climb up a Canadian via ferrata and, he navigates Australia's Great Ocean Road.

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The Open Road with Dr. Chris
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The Open Road with Dr. Chris is hosted by renowned veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown, who also hosts Dr. Chris Pet Vet. Complimenting Dr. Chris’ dedication to animal care and environmental stewardship, he embarks on an extraordinary journey around the globe, introducing young people to exhilarating experiences, from hiking in the heart of a volcano to swimming with humpback whales. Each episode will feature Dr. Chris in a culturally diverse destination where he will uncover the best- kept secret of the region. Whether he’s exploring the history of the Chilean capital or coming face-to-face with a live volcano in Vanuatu, The Open Road with Dr. Chris is the viewer’s passport to a rare educational adventure.
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The Open Road with Dr. Chris