Episode 429 - Friday, 25th October 2002
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mark and Dr. Cooper explain Taylor's condition, which is very grave. After going over the limited options, Dr. Cooper asks Taylor what she wants him to do. Thorne and Eric find themselves too distracted to get anything done, but Thorne offers to cover so Eric can go back to the hospital. Ridge is stunned to see Taylor with all the wires, tubes and monitors removed. Taylor assures him that she doesn't need the monitors anymore, and she knows what she's doing. Taylor tries to explain that she's not getting better, and she won't be going home with Ridge. Taylor tells him that they have to be thankful for the time they've had together. She's sure he'll survive this and promises that there's nothing to be afraid of. In tears, Ridge kisses Taylor. He asks if she's sure that there's nothing that can be done, but Taylor promises him that she wouldn't leave him if she didn't have to. She swears that their love won't die because it will live on in his memories and their children. Taylor tells Ridge good-bye, and goes limp in his arms. Brooke explains to Thorne that Taylor saved her life. Thorne tries to comfort Brooke and says not to feel guilty, but Brooke just hopes Taylor will be home with Ridge and the children soon because they need her. Stephanie and Eric try to reassure one another.