Katherine Kelly Lang And John McCook Celebrate 30 Years On The Bold And The Beautiful

The B&B stars thanked the cast, crew, and their families during a beautiful celebration.
Posted on Mar 1, 2017 | 03:05pm

For 30 wonderful years, Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook have entertained fans as Brooke and Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful

On Wednesday, the stars celebrated the incredible milestone with their castmates, crew, family, and friends—and, of course, cupcakes!

Dressed in their B&B-themed shirts, the actors shared a few words about their incredible experiences on set over the past three decades. 

“[The Bells] always thought about family, and that’s the kind of people they were," Lang said. "So, they wanted work to be like that. They wanted you to come home—home; I say home!—to B&B and it be like your home where you have people who love you and support you and build you up and make you even a better person than you are. I really appreciated that about the show in the beginning ... Brad Bell has continued that tradition, and it's still the same way.”

McCook agreed, adding: "The fact that we've been here longer than most of you is just because we got lucky before you did. Now you got lucky, and you're here, too ... I think that Kelly and I can take some of the credit for the beginnings of our show and the success of our show, but the fact we're still here and the show is doing so well all over the world and here is because of you. So, I wanted to thank you." 

Congratulations! Here's to 30 more years!

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