Steffy Throwback Gallery

Cabo San Lucas

1. Cabo San Lucas

Steffy attempted to keep Liam away from Hope during a trip to Cabo San Lucas. She was involved in a road bike accident and lied to Liam about a fatal blood clot to keep him from reconciling with Hope.

Dark Liam

2. Dark Liam

The Hope, Liam, and Steffy love triangle began in 2010, but certainly hit a high point when Liam arrived to his wedding with Hope hungover, tattooed, and sporting black hair after a crazy night out with Steffy.

Chocolate Fight

3. Chocolate Fight

Hope and Steffy got into a chocolate fight on Hope's wedding day.

Liam & Steffy

4. Liam & Steffy

Liam and Steffy were married twice. They first wed on a mountaintop in Aspen, Colorado; and then again at the Forrester Estate.