Usher Throwback Gallery

Usher and Amber

1. Usher and Amber

Things were bound to get interesting when Raymond (Usher), a musician friend of Amber's, strolled into town.


2. Singing

Amber was thrilled to find out that Raymond had booked a gig to sing at the Insomnia Cafe. 
Too Hot

3. Too Hot

Even though Amber was in a relationship with Rick Forrester, she couldn't ignore the chemistry she felt with Raymond. 

Secrets Come Out

4. Secrets Come Out

Amber and Raymond's secret affair would bring more secrets that Amber needed to keep. Was she pregnant with Raymond's baby?

Rick and Raymond

5. Rick and Raymond

Raymond and Rick didn't really see eye to eye.


6. Memories

After Raymond's career started to pick up, he left town, leaving Amber to move on with Rick.