See the Photos From the B&B 28th Anniversary Party

Ready For The Party

1. Ready For The Party

B&B's Reign Edwards, Lawrence Saint-Victor, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood looking party readyJPI Photograph

2. Ashleigh

Ashleigh Brewer doesn't mess around with the party attire. JPI Photography
John McCook

3. John McCook

John McCook looking dapper per usual. JPI Photography
Alley and Ashlyn

4. Alley and Ashlyn

Alley Mills and Ashlyn Pearce having too much fun at the B&B Anniversary party. JPI Photography
Heather Tom

5. Heather Tom

B&B's Heather Tom flashing a big smile. JPI Photography

6. Rena

Rena Sofer came to party and nobody can stop her. JPI Photography
Scott Clifton

7. Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton put on his best party vest for the occasion. JPI Photography
Jacqueline and Jennifer

8. Jacqueline and Jennifer

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Jennifer Gareis putting the B&B in The Bold and the Beautiful. JPI Photography
Soap Royalty

9. Soap Royalty

Bradley Bell and mother, Lee Phillip Bell, looking lovely at the party. JPI Photography