The Many Skills And Talents Of Quinn

Confessing to her crimes

1. Confessing to her crimes

Quinn may have done a lot of questionable things throughout her life, but at least she can admit when she's wrong... Well, sort of.

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Begging for forgiveness

2. Begging for forgiveness

Liam may not have completely forgiven Quinn, but he did drop the charges against her. Looks like that pleading paid off.

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Reveling in her success

3. Reveling in her success

Quinn was all smiles on Wyatt's wedding day, knowing that she was the one who made it all possible.

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Devising murderous plans

4. Devising murderous plans

Thankfully, this one didn't work out as she intended.

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Creating an alternate reality

5. Creating an alternate reality

You've gotta hand it to her. Not many people could kidnap someone and successfully convince him that he's her husband.

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Communicating on someone else's behalf

6. Communicating on someone else's behalf

You might want to keep your phone nearby if you're going to be spending time with Quinn. You never know who she might contact!

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Kidnapping a full-grown man

7. Kidnapping a full-grown man

This feat took strength and courage. 

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Designing beautiful jewelry

8. Designing beautiful jewelry

Quinn is a talented jewelry crafter with a penchant for sharp creations.

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Going Incognito

9. Going Incognito

Quinn has been known to adopt a disguise or two in her time. 

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Working her best angles

10. Working her best angles

As evidenced by the above pic, Quinn's selfie game is unparalleled.

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Gathering important intel

11. Gathering important intel

Quinn can be super stealthy, which comes in handy, for instance, when she needs to follow someone to Paris in order to prevent a romantic reunion.

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Playing with fire

12. Playing with fire

Quinn isn't afraid to get her hands dirty—in any context. 

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Breaking and entering

13. Breaking and entering

Quinn has a talent for busting into places uninvited... and for making some pretty vicious threats. 

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